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August 15, 2022

PNL requesting PM Grindeanu to testify before Parliament on controversial ordinances

Opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) is requesting Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu to testify before Parliament on controversial emergency ordinances GEO 6 and 9, so that Parliament may discuss and defeat in emergency debates the two pieces of legislation, PNL acting chair Raluca Turcan said Monday.

“We have made a decision to hear PM Grindeanu in Parliament testifying on two economic ordinances – Ordinance 6 and Ordinance 9 – which are equally grave as Ordinance 13, but with an economic impact. Unfortunately, a line of the Government has been crossed and so the national budgets is turned into a budget for the luxuries of political cronies, and we believe it is obligatory for Prime Minister Grindeanu to answer before MPs about this arbitrariness in establishing public spending under the two ordinances. (…) We have submitted to the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies our request for a testimonial [on March 6] at the Prime Minister’s Time meeting by Prime Minister Grindeanu,” Turcanu said at Parliament Palace after a convention of the PNL National Political Bureau.

In her opinion, the ordinances turn local administrations into vassals of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major at rule, because 30 billion lei worth of public spending commitments can be used any time, with no string attached, which signifies “local administrations’ dependence on the pen and the goodwill of the regional development minister.”

“Prime Minister Grindeanu has to answer to why these two ordinances generate such arbitrariness and lack of transparency in public spending. In the economic province, a possibility has been generated for local administrations to approve budget commitments with no strings attached, which means their recouping in time, virtually meaning they will be counted as a deficit in some years’ time; moreover punishment for overspending the commitments or transferring them from one chapter to another has been discarded, which means arbitrariness. It is unacceptable that 30 billion lei can be used discretionarily by the incumbent government,” said Turcan.

She added that PNL asked the Senate to consider GEO 6 and GEO 9 in urgent talks and defeat them.

“For the time being, information with us indicates that the two wicked ordinances have not generated any effects, so Parliament can still rectify the wrong, this huge abuse of perpetrated by the Grindeanu Government,” said Turcan.

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