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April 16, 2021

PSD draft law for the Constitution’s revision, on the last Sunday of the 30-day period since the proposal will be adopted

The referendum for the Constitution’s revision will be held in the last Sunday of the 30-day period since the proposal will be adopted, according to a draft law signed by several PSD Senators, designed to ensure “clear proceedings applicable to all the initiatives for the Constitution’s revision”.

“Romanian citizens are called to express their will by vote at the national referendum on the Constitution’s revision in the last Sunday of the 30-day period provided by the Article no.151, para.(3) of the Romanian Constitution, calculated from the date of publishing in the Official Journal, and the Government has the duty to immediately make public this date, by means of mass communication”, according to the draft law amending and completing the Article 6 of the Law no.3/2000 on the organization and conduct of the referendum, signed by several PSD Senators and registered at the Senate’s Permanent Bureau.

The draft on the constitutional law, adopted by the Deputies’ Chamber and the Senate, will be published in the same day in the Official Journal, according to the legislative initiative.

“The expenses for organizing and conducting the national referendum on the Constitution’s revision shall be covered by the state budget, according to the provisions of the Art. 61 let. a) of the Law no.3/2000”, stipulates the quoted document.

The draft law has been filed “to ensure clear proceedings applicable to all the initiatives for revising the Constitution” that could be initiated “starting with the referendum on the citizens’ initiative pending in Parliament”, shows the explanatory memorandum of the normative act, signed by the PSD Senator Serban Nicolae.

“The institution of the referendum is one of the most democratic ways of expression for the people’s sovereignty on the legislative policy of the country” claims the PSD Senator Serban Nicolae (photo), according to the quoted source.

The legislative initiative of the Social Democrat Senators provides that the participation at the referendum, the campaign for the referendum, its organization and concrete carrying out, the attributions and the responsibilities of the electoral bureaus, the deeds representing offenses and contraventions are the ones provided by the Article 4, Article 7 and the Chapters IV to VI of the Law no.3/2000.

The draft law stipulates that “the initiative and the procedure of revising the Constitution are subject to the provisions of Article 73, para. (1) and (2), and of Articles 150 and 151 of the Romanian Constitution and this Law”.

The Romanian Constitution provides that “the revision is final after it has been approved by referendum, held within 30 days from the date of adopting the draft law or the revision proposal”.

The referendum is valid if at least 30% of the people registered in the permanent electoral lists participate to it, according to the laws in force.

The legislative initiative for amending the Constitution has been signed by 47 Social Democrat Senators.

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