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September 25, 2021

PSD sets up Gov’t Oversight Commission and claims Grindeanu team has full freedom of decision

PSD’s Government Oversight Commission issued on Monday its first report, which shows that the Grindeanu Government has fulfilled in proportion of 70 percent its promises for the first quarter of 2017, promises made during the elections campaign and included in the governing platform.

“We have the oversight commission’s first report. For the first quarter of 2017, we made 54 promises during the campaign and in the governing platform. Thirty-eight have been fulfilled. We have a fulfilment ratio of over 70 percent in the first quarter. It’s a very good result,” PSD Spokesperson Adrian Dobre said at a press conference on Monday.

He pointed out that this result shows that the Government has managed to keep up with the timetable proposed, despite three obstacles that obstructed the act of governance: the delay in the appointment of the Premier, the delay in the adoption of the budget and the pressure put on the Government as a result of the emergency ordinance (GEO) 13, which occupied a good part of the Premier’s time.

Dobre said that during this period the Government managed to raise the incomes of almost all social categories which were at risk of poverty, the minimum salary being raised to RON 1,450, healthcare and education sector salaries being hiked, social security contributions owed for supplementary incomes being eliminated, social security contributions owed by pensioners being eliminated, the minimum pension being hiked – set to come into force on March 1 –, the student scholarships fund doubling in size, free railway transport for students being provided.

According to Dobre, in the oversight commission’s assessment there are 3 major priorities in the upcoming period: the prevention law, the public sector salary law and the de-bureaucratisation department which will work at the level of the Government’s General Secretariat and will make a list of taxes in Romania.


 PSD’s Government Oversight Commission has 10 members, Dragnea and Firea being among them


PSD’s Government Oversight Commission has 10 members, including PSD President Liviu Dragnea and Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea.

On Monday, PSD Spokesperson Adrian Dobre pointed out that this PSD body has the following members: Liviu Dragnea, Mihai Fifor, Marian Neacsu, Gabriela Firea, Serban Nicolae, Doina Pana, Iulian Iancu, Viorica Dancila, Leonardo Badea, Florin Buicu.

According to Dobre, PSD’s Government Oversight Commission will not intervene in the Government’s activity and will not issue directives concerning the way decisions are taken within the Government.

Dobre pointed out that this oversight commission is interested in the attainment of the objectives that PSD assumed in the campaign and through its governing platform, and in the Government relating to the citizens’ expectations.

“Premier Grindeanu and his team have complete freedom of decision within the Government. (…) The commission does not take political decisions, it’s an analysis and assessment team. The political decisions are taken within PSD’s leadership bodies. The commission does not politically endorse a minister or a governance measure,” Dobre added.


 Social Democratic Party spokesman: Gov’t gridlocked by protests for a while


Protests have blocked the government’s activity for a certain period, spokesman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Adrian Dobre said on Monday, accusing pressure being put on the government.

“We need to explain that the government has been gridlocked for a while by the protests, by the pressure it has been subjected to – things are clear in this respect. The government has been obviously slowed down and much of the Prime Minister’s time was allocated to this thorny issue. This sure has contributed to temporarily obstructing the government’s activity. (…) I do not think it was just our impression that pressure has been exerted, I think it was sufficiently evident to everyone on all sides,” Dobre told a press conference, when asked if pressure had existed.

“That’s what we are talking about,” Dobre said when asked if he refers to pressures other than protests.

Dobre said that if PSD were to organize further rallies they would be announced in before, pointing out that they are welcome, as a way of showing support to the party major at rule and the Grindeanu government. “(…) It has never been our intention to create chasms or faults in the society. Others have done this by their public presence. Yet we state this very clearly and very openly – we wouldn’t want us to be underestimated either,” the PSD spokesman said.

According to him, such rallies cannot be regarded as pressure on the Presidency.

Referring to the pro-government meeting this Saturday in Targoviste – Dambovita County, Dobre said it had been peaceful, free of incidents. “So things are in perfect harmony with the spirit of democracy. (…) The protests in Pitesti or Targoviste did not encroach whatsoever upon the activity of the Presidential Administration, the government or Parliament. So these have been some positive signals given by PSD in support of its government. The meeting in Targoviste was politically assumed. So, if party’s members or supporters arrived by various means to a rally that was politically assumed in all transparence, I don’t see where the issue would be,” said Adrian Dobre.



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