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October 20, 2021

Traian Basescu: There are prosecutors that falsify cases. Former President requests parliamentary committees to amend Criminal Codes

*I definitely assume the process of strengthening the Romanian force institutions* I didn’t change people from the office at the right time* I should have change Kovesi and Coldea, they were too young the hunger for power has distorted them


The President of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Traian Basescu, claimed on Thursday, exclusively for Romania TV, that there are prosecutors who falsify cases and that the Chief-Prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, is stating in vain that there are no rigged cases.

“There are different ways to rig a case, Mrs. Kovesi states in vain that there are no rigged cases, and we have the evidence of this prosecutor Negulescu, otherwise I am saying about things revealed by lawyers and defendants” Basescu stated for Romania TV. He listed several prosecutors who falsify cases.

“I wonder how much guts you have to have to make such statements, when the whole country knows about the Negulescu case. I can tell you about other prosecutors who falsify cases, too: Mrs. Prosecutor Rosu from DNA, MRS. Sutima who was head of department at the Prosecutor General, Mrs. Prosecutor Petrescu from the Prosecutor General. I don’t have any hesitation to tell you that there are much many Negulescu inside the judiciary” Basescu added. He explained “proceedings” by which cases are rigged.

“There are cases in which a citizen, most of the times with problems, is called, he is instructed to enter in a phone conversation with another citizen from the entourage and to tell him: Remember three years ago, when X did something. He finally tries to obtain some indirect evidences. In the end, correlated with the denouncement made by the denunciator, here is the evidence for which he has to be jailed” Basescu claimed.

The PMP leader stated that Laura Codruta Kovesi must understand that “it is wrong to continue covering the misery in DNA ad in the Prosecutor offices, generally”.

“I definitely assume the rocess of strengthening the Romanian force institutions. It would be a childish thing to tell that I didn’t want to, I wanted to do it. (…) I didn’t change people from the office at the right time. I mean, I had to stop with Codruta Kovesi, after she had two mandates at the Prosecutor General it was enough. After 6 years in office, I should have change Coldea, too. They were too young and power has distorted them, the hunger for power has distorted them” Basescu stated.

According to him, at the DNA review presented on Thursday, no magistrate spoke about respecting the fundamental human rights.

“I watched all the speeches with interest, there was the ICCJ President who spoke about prevention, but no high magistrate – neither Kovesi, nor the CSM representative or any prosecutor – didn’t speak about respecting fundamental human rights” Basescu added.

He stated that he was expecting for the leaders of the judiciary to claim at the DNA review that they have Codes that must be updated and harmonized with the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

“I would have liked to hear today, at the review time, from the leaders of the judiciary, that Parliament must also be urged to introduce the amendments required by more than 50 decisions of the Constitutional Court on different unconstitutional issues. I would have liked to hear that the EU Directive no.34, for which we have a deadline until next April, must be urgently introduced in the Criminal Code. Why should we late this? I would have liked to hear that the New York Convention that Romania has ratified, the convention on the fight against corruption, must be respected (…). I would have expected these people to claim that they have some Codes that are not updated” Basescu also pointed out.

A prosecutor doesn’t falsify cases, evidences, he doesn’t have any hidden agenda, he doesn’t make political games stated on Thursday the DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, at the review of the institution for the last year.

PMP Senator Traian Basescu claims the necessity of establishing a committee in which all the parliamentary parties are represented, whose purpose should be to update the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, including by introducing the provision of the EU Directive no.343.

“They should establish a committee to update the Codes (the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code – e.n.) and to introduce the EU Directive no.343 into the Codes. (…) This is the first thing to be done. Of course, we have the Legal Committee. I will publicly propose, I will talk with the leaders of the majority, we must establish a committee right away, with representation from all the parties, not to have this: we are from PSD, we have the majority, and it stays as we say, no matter what somebody else proposes. A representation – one representative of each parliamentary party, and the Codes should be immediately adjusted, the directive should be immediately introduced, because we are obliged to introduce it until the 1st of April. And we must talk about the need of having the rule of law, not a police state, because they deviated from this” Basescu stated on Thursday evening for Romania TV.

He underlined that this committee should have a deadline of two weeks to do its work, and then it should forward a point of view to the Legal Committees.

“We must establish a committee that will work neutral in terms of politics, but with politicians, because legislation is not Mrs. Kovesi’s business. I wouldn’t say politically neutral, maybe the wording was wrong, but it should be neutral in terms of majority, it should be agreed by everybody, because without the participation of all the parties, it will be a big noise defining the abuse of office; all the political parties should be involved. After they reach a conclusion and say ‘this is our point of view’, the point of view issued by this committee that worked for two weeks – because things don’t have to be delayed -, we have 45 days provided by the Constitution to amend the unconstitutional articles. Therefore, in two weeks, this committee must forward its point of view to the Legal Committee” Basescu added.





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