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Gianna Nannini: Music is measured in applause, and wines in the joy of life

“Music is measured in applause, and wines in the joy of life”, says Gianna Nannini. Not many people know that the rock star transformed her passion into a business, continuing her family affair, wine production, in Tuscany. Gianna kicks off, in gianna-nanninni-ro-new-logosMarch, hers “HITSTORY TOUR LIVE” in most prestigious concert halls in Italy, going on with lots of other European cities, including Bucharest, on 27th of April. The concert, a tour de force, will mean three-hour of the most successful songs of the artist’s entire career. An event organized by Balkan Entertainment Group.

“For me, the position of winemaker is not unusual. I grew up in the countryside in Tuscany, my grandparents made wine. Now I produce five red wines. Created by my taste, suited to my personality. It’s like when you make a record, it must have a uniform sound. Music is measured with applause and wines with the joy of life”, says Gianna.

Gianna Nannini, who has a master’s degree in philosophy, said she learned to accept life as it comes, with good and bad. She’s not religious, she defines herself more as a spiritual person, one who believes in an surrounding energy. “I’m not afraid of anything. I’ve always gone through difficult times with the help of my music. Music is my strength.”

2016 was a busy year for Gianna Naninni. The first part of the HitStory tour actually debuted last year on May 14 at the Arena di Verona with the accompaniment of the famous Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, directed by Wil Malone. Under unremitting rain, 15,000 spectators remained still in their seats for more than 3 hours. The end of 2016 marked the appearance of the autobiographical book “Cazzi miei”, a dramatic incursion, that the artist confesses she has never done before about her private life or the dramatic episodes of her career, as in the start of this book (1983, the year she wrote “Fotoromanza”).

In 2008, Gianna Nannini’s Bucharest concert was sold out, a signal to the artist’s fans to buy tickets early to “HITSTORY LIVE TOUR”. Depending on the distance from the stage, tickets cost 95 lei, 120 lei, 175 lei, 200 lei, 225 lei and 275 lei and can be purchased on Eventim.ro.

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