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September 20, 2021

Traian Basescu: If I were the Sibiu Municipality, I would open a trial against Iohannis to recover the money

Former President Traian Basescu, the leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) stated on Sunday for B1 TV that if he were the Sibiu Mayor, he would open a civil trial against Iohannis family to recover the money since the house in the downtown of the Sibiu municipality has entered into the presidential family’s possession, mentioning that if the Municipality will not do this, it will be responsible, because “it’s a legal obligation to recover the due money”.

“If I were the Sibiu Municipality, who, if will not do this will be liable, I would immediately open a trial against Iohannis family to recover the due money, because the building has now returned into the private domain of the Sibiu Municipality” stated the former President Traian Basescu.

He added that Iohannis should pay the money to the Sibiu Municipality since he obtained the house. “That’s what I would ask, as a mayor. Since that moment, as a Municipality, I’ve lost the usufruct of that building. The problem can be solved by a civil trial, not a criminal one” stated the PMP leader.

Basescu underlined that the Municipality is responsible for recovering the money, and “sooner or later, an institution that doesn’t ask the recovery of the due money will pay. It is responsible, it’s a legal obligation to recover the due money”, the former Head of State pointed out.

Basescu also stated that he wouldn’t have asked for the revision of the final decision of the Brasov Court of Appeal regarding the house from the downtown of Sibiu.

“If I were him, I wouldn’t have done that abuse taking advantage of the office – to ask for the revision of the final decision of the Brasov Curt f Appeal, telling that it was an unfair judgment, this is for sure, I wouldn’t have done this. He took advantage from it, because I don’t know in how many cases the revision is approved in trials of this kind, I believe there are zero cases, but Mrs. Stanciu was rewarded for doing two good things: the incompatibility trial and the opened revision, and she reached the Constitutional Court”, Basescu added.


“This Government must leave because it wasn’t honest, it wanted to deceive”


Traian Basescu stated that the Grindeanu Government must resign, because it deceived the Romanian people. The statement of the former President comes as a comment to a Facebook post, in which he says that the rule of law must be the same for everybody.

“This Government must leave because it wasn’t honest, it wanted to deceive”, replied Traian Basescu to a commenter on hi Facebook page. The former President posted several requirements for the correct functioning of the rule of law.

“Caution! Slippery road!

There is no Rule of Law outside the principle that ‘no one is above the law’.

In democracy, any person has the right to a fair investigation and a fair trial (including a murderer, a businessman or a politician).

There is no Rule of Law without respecting the fundamental rights, as they are written in the Romanian Constitution and in the international conventions to which Romania is a party.

There is no Rule of Law without respecting the separation of powers.

There is no Rule of Law if justice is made selectively, certain people, even politicians or businessmen, become targets which the System execute for political or economic interests.

There is no Rule of Law if the protected defendants remain free and with the stolen money in their accounts.

There is no Rule of Law if the Constitutional Court’s decision are not applied within 45 days, as the Constitution requests.

Caution! Slippages occur!” Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.



The former Head of State on a protocol between SRI and DNA: SRI doesn’t have any option if it is asked to submit the document


Traian Basescu claims that if the Joint Permanent Committee of the Deputies’ Chamber and Senate for exercising the parliamentary control on the SRI’s activity would ask the Service to submit the document of a possible protocol between SRI and the Prosecutor General, it “doesn’t have any option”.

“Those who control them are those in the Parliament, the SRI Committee. I believe that SRI doesn’t have any option if it is asked to submit this document to the Committee. I can’t believe that two institutions of such dimensions, Prosecutor General and SRI, concluded a protocol that includes any trace of illegality. I can’t believe such a thing, only if they are lunatics who should denounce themselves. But I don’t think that we’ll find even an illegal letter that is written in a protocol signed on the bottom of the page by the SRI Operations Manager and the Attorney General of Romania. They cannot be so naive. I believe they draw up protocols at the edge of legality to establish the cooperation rules” Traian Basescu stated on Sunday evening for B1 Tv.

Traian Basescu underlined that, in order to organize the NATO Summit, SRI has benefited from an “extraordinary equipment” which was subsequently used also by other institutions, but “the master of the equipment continued to be SRI”.

“Few people remembers that the most powerful center for the surveillance of communications in Romania was developed in 2008, on the occasion of the NATO Summit, when we had to comply with top requirements regarding the level of surveillance for the security of the NATO leaders who came here. Putin came here, US President came here, the President of Afghanistan came here, not to mention France, Germany, Italy, all of them represented at the top. Therefore, in order to organize the NATO Summit, being also supported by the allies, SRI benefited from an extraordinary equipment, which also affected the systems for the surveillance of the borders, particularly the south border, at the Danube. Things are more complicated than they seem. Since this equipment was at SRI, it was used after the end of the Summit, but the master of the equipment continued to be SRI” stated the former President.

Basescu added that, since the Constitutional Court of Romania established that SRI cannot perform listening, tapping, playback for prosecutors, “it’s obvious that the solution is not that DNA has to make a mammoth of listening as SRI has, but this technical structure must be transformed in an independent, supervised structure, led by judges and prosecutors, which executes the warrant of the judge”.

Spokesman of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Ovidiu Marincea stated on Thursday that the SRI doesn’t have any protocol with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), but he added that there are protocols with several institutions of the state, which are “perfectly legal.”

“The SRI doesn’t have any protocol with the DNA. We have protocols with several institutions of the state, which are perfectly legal, that don’t do anything else than standardize the activity of the SRI officers in relation to prosecutor’s offices or other institutions on the prerogatives given by the law. Today, many of these documents aren’t up-to-date due to being annulled by the new Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code and the decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) from March 2016,” Marincea stated.

He explained that such protocols are top secret.

“It’s top secret because they [the protocols -e.n.] standardize the operative activity of the SRI officers in relation to the legal attributions they had: namely enforcing warrants. Namely technical surveillance. Namely surveillance, wire taps. We conducted these activities based on a warrant issued by a judge, and the protocols standardized this activity: what officers/departments of the SRI implement the warrants, with what resources, they regulated the information exchange on the cases in question, etc. The officers didn’t conduct criminal investigation work, they didn’t interrogate or write down indictments. They never did. Our job was to inform and it is currently still, and before the CCR decision we had the obligation to carry out the operative surveillance and technical surveillance warrant,” Ovidiu Marincea revealed.

He mentioned that currently such protocols are not valid because the SRI “doesn’t implement anything except the national security warrants.”

President of the Parliament’s SRI activity oversight committee Senator of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Adrian Tutuianu stated last Thursday, in a press conference in Targoviste, that the next meeting of the committee will tackle the topic which appeared into the public space regarding the existence of a DNA-SRI protocol.

“We will discuss, next week we have a meeting at the parliamentary committee, with many subjects and we will discuss how to approach these things,” Tutuianu stated.

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