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December 9, 2022

Ambassador Hans Klemm: US priority – to promote both our countries’ security

The priority of the US in Romania is to promote the security of both countries, the US ambassador in Bucharest Hans Klemm said on Tuesday in the southwestern city of Targu-Jiu, adding that he hails the decision of the Romanian Government to allocate 2 percent of the gross domestic product to the defence sector.

I wish to tell you what the priorities of the US in Romania are, and a first is to promote our countries’ security, we are blessed that both the US and Romania have the necessary vision to invest whatever necessary in security, the US hails Romania’s decision to allocate 2 percent of the GDP to defence, but even before this decision, the US and Romania have had an extraordinary collaboration in defence and in developing deterrence capacities for the considerable threats in this region. Our troops have fought shoulder to shoulder on battlefields far from Romania and we have a very efficient collaboration between the intelligence services and the law enforcement bodies that allows us to combat terrorism, cross-border organised crime, the proliferation of mass-destruction weapons, human and drug trafficking, but also the hostile intentions of Romania’s neighbour countries to undermine the democratic institutions and the democratic government here, specified Hans Klemm.

The diplomat added that another priority of the US Embassy is to promote democracy, stressing that the US welcomes Romania’s commitment to strengthen the democratic bodies, and also to promote values such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, citizens’ rights, and women’s role in society and economy.

He also mentioned that another target of the US is the promotion of mutual prosperity. And, he added, at this chapter my role is to help the American companies to present their services and products to the Romanian public, and to encourage investments, too. At the same time, said Klemm, I’m trying to find ways to increase knowledge and mutual understanding among our peoples and countries. So, we promote educational exchange programmes to encourage the US students and professors to come here, to Romania, and the Romanian students and professors to travel to the US, we encourage tourism between our countries, concluded Hans Klemm.

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