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October 23, 2021

Senate has adopted GEO 6. Basescu: It is an ordinance in the PSD style

The draft law approving the Government Emergency ordinance (GEO) 6/2017 amending and supplementing certain normative acts, as well as establishing measures on performing investments financed from public funds, has been adopted with amendments, on Tuesday, by the Senate.

Senators have approved the law as the first notified Chamber, with 65 pros and 39 cons.

One of the amendments assumed by the Senate stipulates that among the investment objectives that can be financed by this ordinance, are included the performance, expansion, rehabilitation, modernization or endowment of the pre-university state school units – nurseries, kindergartens, general schools, high schools, national colleges. In the form that has been issued by the Government, the phrase “state” wasn’t provided for these units.


Traian Basescu: It’s an ordinance dedicated to the political clients, the eternal PSD style


During the debate in the plenum of the Senate, the PMP Senator Traian Basescu has criticized the Grindeanu Government’s GEO no.6, saying that it’s a law that favors the political clients, and he accused PSD of removing the rules from the circuit and of making “PSD rules”, which he believes that makes Liviu Dragnea’s party to be “profoundly incompatible with DNA”.

“Unfortunately, a thing that declares itself to be good and beneficial is, as usually, broken by provisions favorable to the political clients. It’s the eternal PSD style. (…) You remove the rules from the circuit and make PSD rules. More than this, you abrogate or suspend for one year the limitation of the expenses that can be engaged in 2017. Again, a provision that makes you profoundly incompatible with DNA. (…) You let mayors, after they have a budget approved, to make whatever they wish with the budget, and you suspend also the obligation to respect the approved budget for one year. My opinion is that this GEO is useful for development, but by always wishing to introduce several things that are not right, several exemptions to the law, makes the document not to be credible, and anyone who reads it will find that we are actually again in front of an ordinance dedicated to the political clients. For this reason, PMP will vote against the law approving the ordinance”, Basescu stated.

In response, PSD Senator Adrian Tutuianu pointed out that the ordinance provides financial resources for the rehabilitation, expansion, modernization and endowment of the school units, hospitals, ensuring at the same time the continuation of some investments for local development that are already started, according to Agerpres.

“I believe it’s very important for us to finalize the National Program for Local Development. There are investment objectives ongoing in all the counties, for all the categories of territorial-administrative units, regardless of the political color of the mayors. Today’s ordinance comes to provide financial resources for the rehabilitation, expansion, modernization and endowment of the pre-university school units, (…) some of them without operating permit today, for the repair and endowment of the sanitary units in the rural areas – in very many localities, they are in a poor condition, as well as for the rehabilitation of the bridges, footbridges, pedestrian bridges. There will continue the works for water, sewerage, roads. (…) I believe the program for building hostels for students in the upper education state units, introduced by the National Investment Company, is very important, and I am sure that implementing this program will allow the development of the territorial-administrative units, as well as the economic development”, Tutuianu underlined.

The leader of the UDMR Senators, Attile Cseke, announced that the group he leads will vote for the draft law adopting GEO 6/2017.

“Obviously, the debate on the GEO 6 especially refers to PNDL (National Program for Local Development – e.n.). I see that, in Romania of the year 2017, by a law, a GEO, we provide the number of nurseries and kindergartens, the number of pre-university educational units, the number of hostels for students which the state wished to rehabilitate and build. Somehow, this is also not right. These are measures of the executive power, of the Government. The Government issues public administration documents. I didn’t imagine that every law has to provide how many kindergartens, how many schools, how many hostels we want to rehabilitate or to build in this country. Besides this subject, the main question is: as a result of this ordinance, which will probably be adopted by the law in Parliament, which is the efficiency that the Government gives to this PNDL? This issue has to be followed, because, on the one hand, as it is written in this law, it’s important to finalize ongoing investment objectives and to start new objectives. From this point of view, the UDMR group will support the draft law”, Attila Cseke stated.

PNL Senator Florin Citu stated that Liberals will vote against the adoption of the GEO 6/2017, as well as against GEO 9/2017, when it will be subject of the debate in the plenum of the Senate.

“The ordinances 6 and 9, in one form or another, appeared every year. This year, it was exaggerated from several points of view. No Government until now couldn’t make a multiannual budget, as it is written in the State Budget Law and in the Public Finances Law. So we must resort to this trick to have emergency ordinances to be able to make commitment appropriations over several years. It is a structural problem and we should solve it, we should end it someday, we should say we cannot go further with such emergency ordinances. The idea is that we should stop and as the Government to make a multiannual budget, if it is capable, and if it isn’t not to ask for these ordinances. The second issue, we are speaking about PNDL, which is a fantastic and a very good program. But no one has made an assessment of the efficiency of this program, to see if the money have been efficiently spent or not. PNL will vote against this ordinance (GEO NO.6), and when (GEO – e.n) no.9 will also come, we’ll vote against that one, too” stated the Liberal Senator.


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