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April 11, 2021

CSM Chair says she’s never felt pressed or intimated by media

Chair of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) Mariana Ghena told Agerpres on Thursday in Timisoara that she had never felt pressed by media comments when ruling, adding that this is the way all magistrates should act.

”I have never felt pressured, I do not feel intimidated. I feel like a magistrate in the plenitude of my powers, and I could not say I have ever ruled under pressure. Never, not even when maybe I was wrong. I have been the target of press attacks: initially virulent, then less so, because in time you can make an idea, things get echoed, investigations and verifications are conducted,” said Ghena.

She added that as a magistrate with many years of activity she can say that many times she was not comfortable with justice being served on television, because she could see ”aspects being commented on and interpreted by persons that had nothing to do with dispensing justice.”

In her opinion, judges alone can voice an opinion, irrespective of the nature of the matters, by issuing a ruling and proving reasons for it based on the evidence that is available only in the court files that only magistrates may administer and interpret and that the magistrates alone are authorised to use for sentencing.

Ghena on Thursday attended an activity report meeting of the Timisoara Court of Appeal.


Former judge Camelia Bogdan asks the Prosecutor General to reopen an investigation against the CSM chief, who illegally obtained a house


Former judge Camelia Bogdan stated that she asked the Proosecutor General to reopen the investigation related to Mariana Ghena, the President of the Superior Council of magistracy (CSM), whom she accuses of illegally obtaining a social housing, although she had her own residence.

In the complaint, the former judge Camelia Bogdan claims that the solution of not sending her to judgement issued in 2008 by prosecutor Dumitru Cismaru related to Mariana Ghena, the current President of the Superior Council of magistracy (CSM), former President of the Galati Court of Appeal, is not grounded in fact, being omitted the analysis of the deeds on which exists the suspicion that Mariana Ghena, together with Tudor Ghena, lawyer of the Galati Bar Association, obtained a social housing, although she had a housing which is her own property, according to Mediafax.

Camelia Bogdan claims that the social housing was subsequently bought by the CSM President’s father.

“Given that the resolution of not proceeding to judgement in the file no.294/p/2008, related to Judge Mariana Ghena (who became, by marriage, GHENA-IONESCU-MOCANU MARIANA) – the former President of C.A. Galati (the Galati Court of Appeal – e.n.), currently judge of the criminal department of I.C.C.J. (High Court of Cassation and Justice – e.n.) and PRESIDENT OF CSM, the guarantor of the independence of justice, is groundless in fact, being omitted the analysis of the deeds on which exists the suspicion that , together with GHENA TUDOR: lawyer of BA Galati (Galati Bar Association – e.n.) and cadaster activities, Mrs. Judge obtained under the lease contract no.24142/09.05.2001 for the apt. in Tecuci Street, Bldg. V3B, Apt.58 (the social housing), which was renewed under the no.24142/08.07.2005, then she handed over the apartment to the Local Council on December 22, 2006, although she and her husband were the owner of the apartment in Galati, Tecuci Street, Bldg..N5, Apt.103 since February 21, 2000, according to the notarial joint statement «we hold no dwelling as personal property or as property from the state» no.1000/20.05.2005 (Notary Nazare Mircea), being previously investigated, including under the accusation of committing the offense provided by Art. 31 in conjunction with Art. 246 in conjunction with Art.132 of the Law no.78/2000 because at the moment of obtaining the social housing, TOGETHER WITH HER HUSBAND, GHENA, she was appearing with the following properties located in: Galati, Regiment 1 Siret Street, Bldg. C31, Apt.59 (since 1997); Galati, 105 Miron Costin Street, and Mr. GHENA (born in Turnu Magurele, county of Teleorman) was also appearing with the property located in: Bucharest, 2 Vagonetului Street, Bldg..101, Entrance 1, 7th Floor, Apt.29, I RESPECTFULLY ASK YOU to rebut part of the resolution issued by prosecutor Cismaru Dumitru IN THE FILE NO. 294/P/2008 and to order the prosecution under the accusation of committing the offense of false statements, against the CSM PRESIDENT; in case the deed is subject to limitation and the information circulated in Media will confirm, I kindly ask you to order the notification of the PRELIMINARY CHAMBER judge with the proposal of seizing the housing illegally obtained without a conviction, under the provisions of the Art.5491 of the Criminal Procedure Code” shows the complaint of the former judge Camelia Bogdan.

Camelia Bogdan claims that there is also necessary to notify the President of the National Agency for Integrity (A.N.I.), given that the property “has disappeared from the statement of assets of Judge GHENA” and that “at a subsequent moment, Mr. Mocanu Virgil, Mrs. Mariana Ghena’s father, has bought the apartment located on Tecuci Street, Bldg. V3B, Entrance 2, Apt.38, where the Ghena family has constantly lived”.

Camelia Bogdan also asks prosecutors to check a possible causal relation between “the admission of the sentenced Dan Voiculescu in the disciplinary proceeding which caused her exclusion from magistracy by the CSM judges” and “the close relation of Mariana Ghenea with the former Securitate and some groups in SRI, as it appears from accessing the open sources, including the fact that Prosecutor Dumitru Cismaru is the former head of cabinet of Director Virgil Magureanu”.



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