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May 8, 2021

Ombudsman takes notice ex-officio in case of children taken away from family by Finnish authorities

The Ombudsman took notice ex-officio and is going to carry out the legal demarches in the case of Romanian children taken from families by authorities in Finland and placed into foster care.

The Ombudsman informs, through a press release sent on Thursday, that he took notice ex-officio following a report presented by a TV station, about the situation of two Romanian children brought up by their mother in Finland who were taken away by the authorities, and placed into different foster homes.

“The mother, a doctor, had settled several years ago in Finland, being married to a Finnish man. After the divorce, he denounced her for intending to leave to Romania together with the children, which is why, in the spring of 2015, the Finnish authorities took the children away from their mother’s home, establishing protection measures for them, in different foster homes,” the release reads.

Since then, the source shows, the mother has tried hard to regain her children, has learned Finnish and got a job as an anesthesiologist, to make proof that she can support her children. She also reached out to the Embassy of Finland and to the committee for Romanians abroad in the Chamber of Deputies, in the hope that the Romanian authorities will help her in this respect.

“As reported, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the Romanian Embassy in Helsinki did request the repatriation of two children, to be brought up in Romania, by the maternal grandparents in Piatra Neamt town,” the release further reads.

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