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June 25, 2022

ANAF sheds light in presidential family house case. What happens with the property

Fiscal inspectors state that, for the time being, the Romanian state is not the owner of the house that the presidential family lost for good in court, because a court case that will decide who owns the house has started at the Sibiu Court. Currently, in official documents, the house is owned by a couple who passed away fifty years ago.

“Following the Brasov Court of Appeals irrevocable decision in case file no.262/62/2014, fiscal bodies have asked the Sibiu County Land Register and Real-estate Advertisement Office to amend the land registry, in the sense of expunging the property rights of defendants Bastea Ioan, Johannis Carmen Georgeta and Joahnnis Klaus Werner,” the National Tax Authority (ANAF) shows.

Thus, after the land registry was amended, the property right over the building concerned returned to its former owners Ghenea Elisei and Ghenea Maria, the Tax Authority points out. The two however died 50 years ago.

Consequently, ANAF Sibiu asked the competent notary public to supplement the inheritance certificate by noting the Romanian state’s capacity as heir of the building located on 29 Nicolae Balcescu Street, Sibiu, Digi24 shows.

Which means that the state will take ownership of the building only after another ongoing case is solved by the Sibiu Court. The goal of the case is precisely the annulment of the inheritance certificate, ANAF points out.

“In this sense, we point out that a new court action has been started, at the Sibiu Court, by the alleged heirs of the late Ghenea Elisei and Ghenea Maria, who are asking for the annulment of the Romanian state’s inheritance certificate and, for this reason, the notary public is postponing the issuance of the said certificate,” ANAF pointed out for Digi24.

“Following the substantiation of the decision taken by the Pitesti Court of Appeals, which rejected the appeal for annulment filed by applicant Lazurca Georgeta, Iohannis Carmen Georgeta and Iohannis Klaus Werner, the competent notary public will be once again asked to issue a supplement to the Romanian State’s inheritance certificate for the building located on 29 Nicolae Balcescu Street, Sibiu, Sibiu County,” ANAF adds.



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