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May 17, 2021

Regional Development Minister Shhaideh: We set to draw 5.2 billion euros from European Commission by year-end

Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds Sevil Shhaideh said Thursday in Deva that one of her main priorities in office is to increase Romania’s intake of Europeans funds, mentioning that she set the target at 5.2 billion euros by the end of 2017.

“Following the merger of the two ministries – the Development Ministry and the Ministry of European Funds – we can now correlate all the funding sources for local infrastructure. Together with all directors of the management authorities, we have committed ourselves to bring to 5.2 billion euros the funds to be reimbursed by the European Commission and do so by December 31, 2017,” said Shhaideh.

She assured that her ministry will support local and county administrations in drawing up and submitting projects for non-returnable funding that include teams to be dispatched locally to solve any emerging issues.

On the other hand, Shhaideh argued that over the past one year and two months mayors were not helped overcome the obstacles to their drawing up of projects.

“I have asked all the administrations to be very careful about the projects they prepare. I have noticed that have submitted very many projects for European funds and I am encouraging them to continue their efforts. I have asked them to jointly identify with the chairman of the Hunedoara County Council the problems they have with accessing European funds or with accessing governmental programmes, and I will send teams from the ministry any time the local administrations so request. I have noticed that for one year and two months nobody talked with the mayors to really understand the problems the mayors had to put up with as well as the obstacles they faced,” said Shhaideh.

The minister on Thursday visited the western Hunedoara County where she met, at the main offices of the Hunedoara County, mayors and other representatives of the local and county public administrations. Talks focused on several priorities, including securing funds under the National Local Development Programme, second stage, increasing absorption of European funds and reforming the public administration.

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