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October 20, 2021

Tax Authority forces Daniel Constantin to pay back EUR 300,000 owed to Dan Voiculescu

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Co-President Daniel Constantin is being impelled by authorities to reimburse the money he borrowed from Dan Voiculescu, his former employer and political mentor.

The National Tax Authority (ANAF) wants to freeze the bank accounts of ALDE Co-President, Deputy Premier and Environment Minister Daniel Constantin. The overture has been carried out to recover a part of the damages established in the ICA case in which Dan Voiculescu was sentenced to 10 years in prison, ‘Adevarul’ writes.

The story of the loan started in 2007-2008, when Daniel Constantin borrowed EUR 295,000 from Dan Voiculescu. More precisely, he borrowed EUR 100,000 in 2007, with its maturity due in 2016, and EUR 195,000 in 2008, with its maturity due in 2017.

On 8 August 2014, Dan Voiculescu was sentenced to 10 years in prison and the payment of almost EUR 60 million in damages.

Meanwhile, the Tax Authority has sold off several real-estate properties owned by the Voiculescus. This year, on 27 February 2017, the Tax Authority filed a lawsuit whose goal is “validating garnishment, upholding garnishment.” In it, Dan Voiculescu is “debtor” while Daniel Constantin is “garnishee.”


How Constantin borrowed money from Voiculescu


In 2012, Daniel Constantin wrote on his blog how he ended up borrowing money from Dan Voiculescu. He pointed out he started his collaboration with Dan Voiculescu in 2006, when he was asked to be director of a company offering consultancy for the drawing of European grants. Daniel Constantin had worked for three years as adviser on European accession issues within the Agriculture Ministry. He confessed he decided to enter the private sector to win more money and support his family.

“That is how my collaboration with Mr Dan Voiculescu started. I took over a company with no employees and left it, after years of activity, with over 25 employees and an important portfolio of projects approved by the management authority. In 2007, I sold my apartment in Crangasi and sought to contract a loan that would have allowed me to build a home for my two children. This is the moment much written-about these days, without anyone asking me what’s the truth. I had already filed most of the paperwork with the bank, to contract that loan, I was actually getting ready to sign them, when Mr Voiculescu, finding out about my intention, proposed he should loan me the sum needed to build the home that was already designed. I want to make it very clear, at that moment I was the CEO of that company and had a very good income. I wasn’t planning on intensifying my political activity or returning to public administration. I considered Mr Voiculescu’s gesture proof of trust, a recognition of the fact I achieved important performances in my current activity. In fact, I wanted the aforementioned loan to be public, precisely because I have nothing to hide. The loan contract expires in 2016-2017, and can be extended beyond that date, just as it can be reimbursed in equal instalments or in any other form, depending on the possibilities,” the minister explained at the time.


When the relationship deteriorated


It all started after Constantin, in his capacity as Agriculture Minister, refused to get involved in Voiculescu’s legal case. From that moment on, Antena3 private television broadcaster was ordered to start media lynching.

“We talked vis-à-vis what was going on in that case. I wouldn’t say it [the discussion] was provoked by him, but I felt the need to say I would never intervene in that case file. I had the feeling he understood, even though other members of his family probably did not, that is why, until the conviction happened, in August 2014, we had no kind of conflict. Of course, after that conviction I received signals there is some anger and an attack would start, at one point. Immediately after November 16, when the attacks started, the attacks to replace me at the helm of PC [the Conservative Party]. I believe there (at Antena3 – editor’s note), a television station owned by Mr Voiculescu or by his family, obviously someone from the leadership of that media trust started, at one point, a press campaign; I have nothing against it but it’s obvious when the headlines are the likes of ‘Daniel Constantin sent 12 innocent people to prison,’” Constantin stated for RomaniaTV.


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