Catholic Church requests withdrawal of legislative proposal on same-sex civil partnership

The Romanian Catholic Church disapproves of the legislative proposal on same-sex civil partnerships and requests the withdrawal of this initiative, considering it to be an attack on personal dignity and the integrity of the family.

“The Constitution confers on the state the right and duty to protect marriage and family. Any form of undermining the family based on real marriage (between a man and a woman) is an attack on the children’s rights. The future of Romania, its physical, cultural and spiritual existence depend on the natural family. The lawmakers must understand that, above all, they are accountable to God for their work in the service of the common good. Therefore, the Romanian Catholic Church considers that the ‘bill on the establishment of civil partnerships’ is an attack on the person’s dignity, the integrity of the family, and implicitly on the balance of social life and the future of our nation. For the common good of society and the family, as well as for the dignity of each person, the Catholic Church in Romania requests the withdrawal of bill No. 498 / 2016 referred for adoption to the Romanian Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies,” reads an open letter of the Romanian Episcopal Conference to Parliament.

The letter signed by Conference president Cardinal Lucian, states that “the pro-Western vocation of our nation does not presuppose copying destructive ideological models,” but on the contrary, as a Christian people, the Romanians “are called upon to help Europe and the civilization we belong to rebuild their Christian and moral roots.”

Stressing that “the basic cell of society is family,” the Romanian Episcopal Conference considers that ‘legalizing’ civil partnerships’ or homosexual ‘marriage’ represents a fundamental, possibly irreversible civilizational mutation in an ideological direction whose negative consequences for Western societies are already obvious.”

The Romanian Patriarchate too has recently expressed concern about approaches to formalize “civil partnership” through a bill on the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies, considering that “the institutionalization of alternative forms of family is contrary to Christian faith and the tradition of Romanian people, and has potentially serious consequences for its moral, family and social life.”

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