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June 28, 2022

PSD-ALDE government coalition starts the proceedings to appoint the ICR and AEP Presidents and the BNR Deputy Governor

The PSD-ALDE government coalition decided on Friday that next week it will start the proceedings to appoint the Presidents of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) and of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), as well as of the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) and of the Vice President of the Financial Supervision Authority (ASF) and to discuss about the situation of the Romanian Radio Company (SRR), announced Deputy PM Daniel Constantin, Co-President of the Alliance of liberals and Democrats (ALDE).

“Today we decided that at the beginning of the next week, to start the proceedings at the parliamentary level, for appointing the persons to be heard in the important institutions for the state functioning; they will be subject of parliamentary debate for the position of the BNR Deputy Governor, Vice President of the Financial Supervision Authority, AEP President, ICR President and Vice Presidents. These proceedings will start next week. Also next week, we will probably discuss the situation of the Radio company. There are several issues to be discussed in the special committees, and we’ll start the proceedings in order to perform these steps as quickly as possible, ad in the shortest time to be able to have the appointed person for these portfolios”, Daniel Constantin stated.

Also in the Friday’s meeting of the coalition, PM Sorin Grindeanu presented the stage of fulfilling the measures provided by the government program.

“In this context, we talked and we agreed that in the very next period, in an accelerated rhythm that will allow a wide debate, we will discuss about the VAT 0% Law for the sale of housing, for advertising and for the inputs of those who work in agriculture. The draft law is subject of the debate in the committees. (…) Together with the PM and with the political leaders, we agreed to accelerate the proceedings at the governmental level, so that we will have the legislative bundle as soon as possible, in order to make the Sovereign Development Fund operational – a central element of the government program”, Daniel Constantin stated.

He mentioned that no name was mentioned in the Friday meeting. “Parliamentary proceedings will start on Monday, all the parties will make proposals and we’ll decide what the best options are, depending on the expertise, on the CV of each participant. We have a major concern for such very important institutions in the state’s functioning, to have well prepared people as much as possible. First, each one’s experience will count, and then the political membership will also be taken into account”, detailed the ALDE Co-Chair.

Sources form PSD’s leadership stated on Thursday, before the meeting of the coalition, that the PSD and ALDE leaders take into account to appoint Daniel Barbu at the leadership of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP), given that, according to the agreement inside the government coalition, ALDE will have the AEP leadership. Daniel Barbu was the Culture minister and senator in the previous legislature. In September 2016, Daniel Barbu has been vehemently criticized after a controversial statement. He stated at that time that the politician job is the most difficult, even more difficult than the most dangerous jobs, such as mining, and he added that it is more risky than the mission of a soldier in Afghanistan, because “public space has become a sort of a theater of operations where every local or national representative risks his freedom and his health every day”.

Cristian Socol’s name, former counselor on economic issues of the former PM Victor Ponta, was circulated for the position of the BNR Deputy Governor, but Socol denied the existence of any discussion on this subject.


Deputy PM Constantin: Any change in justice affairs will be made by Parliament


Any change in justice area will be made in Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister Daniel Constantin said Friday in connection with press reporting that President Klaus Iohannis would keep a referendum in stand by so as to be able to react at any similar situation at the Government level like the passage of controversial emergency ordinance GEO 13.

“I do not want to comment on sources; I have not seen an official position, but I am making an observation that I have already made. I believe that after the moment we lived in January and early February, things got very clear. Any change in justice matters will be made by Parliament. The specialist committees of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are already working; I have seen that there are very many invitees attending the debate they hold and I am convinced that thanks to the consensus that can be reached among the specialist committee members the Judiciary Committee and those in this area – I mean the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) and all other organisations, can work perfectly together and any change, be it required by the Constitutional Court, or the proposal of some lawmaker, will be advanced only after consensus is built. This is his option, a constitutional option; we, Parliament, have done our duty and it is now up to him to decide when he wants to walk forward,” Constantin said in reply to journalists asking him about the postponement of a justice referendum unveiled by President Klaus Iohannis.

The Deputy PM  said at the end of a meeting of the ruling coalition hosted by Parliament Palace that none of the coalition members have any news about the referendum.


The government coalition disclaims the proposal of the MP Ciuhodaru to amend the Criminal Code


The government coalition disclaims the proposal of the PSD MP Tudor Ciuhodaru to amend the Criminal Code, the Deputy PM Daniel Constantin announced on Friday.

“We disclaim such a proposal, and I believe that the opinions expressed today by the members of the government coalition were very clear”, Constantin stated.

PSD previously announced that it doesn’t support the proposal of the MP Ciuhodaru on amending the Criminal Code.

“The Social Democrat party definitely disclaims the personal initiative of the MP Tudor Ciuhodaru to supplement the Criminal Code by extending the application field of the sanctions on the deeds oriented against the constitutional order or against the state authority. The Social Democrat Party appreciates that the current form of the Criminal Code has clear and sufficient provisions related to such deeds, and it doesn’t need supplementations or amendments”, stated on Friday the party’s spokesman Adrian Dobre.

Moreover, he added, “the MP Tudor Ciuhodaru’s approach in this matter is vague, and for this reason it has several lacks of constitutionality regarding the respect of the fundamental rights and freedoms, such as the freedom of assembly and the right of association”.

“Therefore, PSD will oppose to this approach and will vote against the legislative proposal of the MP Tudor Ciuhodaru”, concluded the PSD spokesman, according to a press release.

PSD MP Tudor submitted to the Parliament, at the end of the last month, a draft law amending the Criminal Code. The draft provides that “actions against people or goods, committed by one or more persons together, in order to change the constitutional order or to make harder or to prevent the exercise of power in the state, shall be punished with imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years and with deprivation of certain rights”.


Constantin on the debt owed to Voiculescu: I am in discussions with ANAF since more than one year, it’s a procedure I was expecting


Deputy PM Daniel Constantin also stated that he is discussions with the representatives of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) since more than one year, regarding the establishment of a garnishment on the debt he owes to Dan Voiculescu, who is imprisoned for ten years in the case related to the privatization of the institute for Food Research (ICA).

“I am discussing with ANAF since more than one year, it’s a procedure I was expecting, I was hoping it to be established for a long time ago. It is one more step I make to recover a prejudice established by the court. After it will be established and this procedural step, I mean this trial, will finish, things will g back t normal”, Daniel Constantin stated at the end of the meeting held by the government Coalition.

He mentioned that there is no garnishment on his accounts at this moment.

As for the articles published in Media, ANAF confirmed on Thursday, by a press release, the complaint submitted to the court against Daniel Constantin, as an individual, rejecting, at the same time, the information appeared in the press related to the garnishment on his accounts.



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