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October 5, 2022

The future of the EU, issue of concern for the political leaders. “President doesn’t need mandate from Parliament to support Romania’s stance before the European Union”, says PSD’s Dragnea

*”Difficult times are foreshadowed at European level, calling for unity among all Romanians”


Lower Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea wrote on Facebook that Romanian President Klaus Iohannis does not need a mandate from Parliament to support Romania’s stance before the European Union, but this must not rule out a debate “that would unify the political class around the national interest.”

“The Romanian President doesn’t need a mandate from Parliament to support Romania’s stance before the European Union. But this must not rule out a debate that would unify the political class around the national interest,” the Lower Chamber Speaker pointed out.

Liviu Dragnea added that “difficult times are foreshadowed at European level, calling for unity among all Romanians.”

“It’s not solely about what the president does in relation to European officials. It matters how all Romanian decision-makers will react: the Government, the political parties, the Romanian MEPs and all others who can support one way or another Romania’s interest at the European level,” the PSD President added.

He claimed that Romania must leave behind the “damaging logic” of domestic political conflicts, must be united and must prepare to defend the national interest.

“Let’s jointly analyse each scenario concerning the future of the European Union and clearly establish how we will react in each case. Let’s learn from those who achieved the Great Union, whose centennial we will celebrate next year. Let’s leave behind the damaging logic of domestic political conflicts, let’s be united and let’s prepare to defend the national interest, because nobody else will do it for us,” Liviu Dragnea concluded.


Calin Popescu Tariceanu on consultations with political parties before European Council summit: Officially or semi-officially, we woke up with a refusal on the President’s part


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Monday that the leaders of the ruling coalition “officially or semi-officially woke up with a refusal on the part of the President” in what concerns consultations with the leaders of the political parties before the European Council summit.

“This request (to hold consultations with the political parties on Romania’s position at the European Council summit – editor’s note) came from the Lower Chamber Speaker. I understood that, officially or semi-officially, we woke up with a refusal on the part of the president. What I can say is that for important decisions which are being currently prepared at EU level on the drawing up of the future project concerning the way the European Union will function, whose members we are, I believe it’s useful to have the widest of consultations, in order for Parliament, which is the only body both democratic and representative at the level of Romanian society, to be able to express a point of view. Here we have both the majority and the Opposition and, just as all over the EU, such issues are not only the prerogative of the person who represents the country within the European Council but are debated everywhere in national parliaments,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

He was asked what this semi-refusal consisted of: “I’ve seen in the public space that this proposal wasn’t taken into consideration. The president will probably say something. I’m not the one who wants to interpret what the president is about to do next. It’s his problem.”

Last Thursday, PSD President Liviu Dragnea pointed out that his party proposes President Klaus Iohannis should initiate consultations with political parties, in view of Romania’s presence at the debates on the future of Europe, in order to establish a joint view that would be promoted in a unitary manner.

According to the Social Democrat leader, PSD expresses its clear support for the attainment of a political consensus on Romania’s interest within the EU.

Dragnea considers that Romania must adopt a firm position against a multi-speed Europe and to express, at the same time, a firm position in support of the principle of equality among EU members and to categorically reject any scenario on a multi-speed Europe or a Europe of concentric circles.

“In PSD’s opinion, defining Romania’s clear and unitary position in relation to the EU’s current situation must become a joint objective that would bring together the whole Romanian political class,” Dragnea added.


” I wouldn’t like Romania to stay somewhere at the corner of the table, and we to receive the crumbs from EU”


Senate’s President Calin Popescu Tariceanu has previously stated on Sunday evening, in a TV show hosted by B1 TV, that the Head of State, Klaus Iohannis, disavowed the call of the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, on the consultation of the political parties on the EU future, but Romania “will not be inactive”, and will coordinate its positions not to receive “crumbs” from European Union.

“The President of the Deputies’ Chamber (Liviu Dragnea – e.n.) has launched a call to the President (Klaus Iohannis – e.n.) to organize a number of consultations, the call has been disavowed. Given that the President also has a role in the foreign policy, I believe this consultation is useful, but if the President doesn’t want it, that’s it. In the end, Romania will not be inactive, we’ll have to see our interests. If the President wishes to be a silent voice and to accept everything decided in Brussels, over our heads, regarding Romania, it’s his business”, stated the ALDE Co-President.

Tariceanu stated that Romania has to find a set of alliances with EU member states to coordinate its positions and not to receive “crumbs” from the European Union.

“I have a different opinion, and I believe my colleague, the President of the Deputies’ Chamber, wishes to have a talk and to find not only a joint element of attitude and of expressed position at Brussels, but we’ll also have to find a set of alliances with the countries in the region to coordinate our positions and not to be the losers of these decisions. I wouldn’t like Romania to stay somewhere at the corner of the table, and we to receive the crumbs from EU”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu added.

He pointed out that Romania is at the table which “will have to negotiate, not to accept all the decisions taken in the West”.

Asked if President Klaus Iohannis can engage Romania in these discussions related to EU without coming into the Parliament, Tariceanu said that the Head of the State has this right, but a debate in the Parliament would strengthen President’s position.

“The subject is not new. There is a CCR decision allowing him to go to Brussels without the Parliament’s approval, but a debate in the Parliament would strengthen President’s position”, underlined the Senate’s President, according to news.ro.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated that Iohannis “should consult the Parliament, which is the only democratic institution and the most representative one for all the citizens of the country”.


Basescu: “At the Rome Summit on March 25, Romania should announce it will join the Euro Area on 1 January 2019”


Popular Movement Party (PMP) President and Senator Traian Basescu stated  on Sunday at Romania TV that in his opinion Romania should announce at the Rome Summit on March 25 that it will join the Euro Area on 1 January 2019, thus choosing to opt for the third scenario that EC President Jean Claude Juncker presented in his speech on the future of the Union, according to which “those who want more, achieve more.”

“I believe that of the five scenarios, and I will list them: ‘we continue on the same path,’ so we’re staking on the Lisbon Treaty, the second is ‘exclusive emphasis on the single market,’ which means emptying the EU of any content, (…) the third is ‘those who want more, achieve more,’ very possible, the fourth is ‘less but more efficient,’ it’s not possible, the Union cannot be very efficient by its nature, but is moving forward like an elephant you cannot stop and is doing so on the basis of the Lisbon Treaty, which allows you to do even more if you want to. And the fifth scenario – ‘much more together,’ this means the Union of European States. Having a single Foreign Minister, having one Government that decides for all countries, having a single salary [standard], having single taxes, this is the future we must dream about,” Traian Basescu stated for RomaniaTV on Sunday evening, while commenting on the speech that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently gave on the future of the European Union.

The PMP President added that, in his opinion, “the third scenario – ‘those who want more, achieve more,’” will be adopted.

“Here, all political liars are saying: here is the two-speed Europe, we don’t want a two-speed Europe. Well, if you don’t want a two-speed Europe then why aren’t we fighting to join the Euro Area? Because this is the criterion, Euro [Area] states and non-Euro [Area] states. Why do we feign not knowing that whether we join the core, the Euro Area, or we remain outside, at the periphery, is up to us. Why this criterion? Because, for instance, Euro [Area] states are often blocked by the position of non-Euro [Area] states – Poland, Romania – which have a high number of votes, and all the rest who follow us. There are 12 non-Euro [Area] states, they position themselves behind Poland and Romania and block developments. And the Euro [Area] states are saying: in the Treaty, you have the obligation to join the Euro Area. Why aren’t you asking to join, why aren’t you meeting the Maastricht criteria? Look, Romania would. Given this year’s budget, we’ll miss the criteria thanks to Mr Dragnea and Mr Grindeanu. Why couldn’t we plan to observe the deadline established during my term, for us to be in the Euro Area on 1 January 2019?” Basescu stated.

The PMP President added that he does not know whether President Klaus Iohannis will want to convene consultations on the European topic or not.

“However, the most important thing is for the Government to put at his disposal Romania’s stance. If I were [President], the first thing I would do now, in Rome, when the 60-year anniversary summit will take place (the anniversary of 60 years since the signing of the Rome Treaties – editor’s note), I would announce that Romania opts for the third scenario and will join the Euro Area on 1 January 2019. So, to hang on to the nationalism of the Visegrad boys is a big mistake,” Traian Basescu added, being quoted by Agerpres.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker last Wednesday gave a speech in which he described five possible options for the post-Brexit reformation of the European project, options which range from limiting it to the European single market to the option that would correspond to a federalist Europe, asking the 27 European leaders to show “unity and leadership,” AFP and EFE informs.








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