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September 30, 2022

Raluca Turcan, validated as PNL interim Chairperson by the National Council of Coordination of the party: We must strengthen partnership with President Iohannis

*The sole Chairperson of the new PNL, resulted from the merger of the Liberal party with PDL, will be elected in a congress convened on June 17, to which 5,000 delegates will participate


The National Council of Coordination of the National Liberal Party (PNL) convened on Saturday at the Parliament Palace  validated Raluca Turcan as PNL interim Chairperson.

The decision was made by a wide majority on behalf of the over 900 delegates present at the event, with four votes against and one abstention.

Moreover the Council validated Cristian Busoi as PNL interim secretary general, also by majority of votes, with five votes against and four abstentions.

Raluca Turcan said that President Klaus Iohannis is and will be PNL’s partner.

“We must strengthen this partnership, because President Klaus Iohannis was in the first line as main defender of the rule of law and Romania’s European course,” Raluca Turcan told the meeting of the PNL’s National Council of Coordination, taking place at the Palace of Parliament.

She maintained that “PNL is going through a difficult, even complicated period,” and also said that the party suffered an overwhelming defeat in the parliamentary elections, because of the “incoherent and consistency-lacking message” to those who wanted to vote for PNL.

The PNL interim chairperson pointed out that the proposal for electing the party leader by all PNL members hasn’t passed the National Political Bureau, but showed that she encouraged the future Congress to be as comprehensive as possible.

In her opinion, before the Convention, three topics must gain consistency, namely the support for the business environment and investment drawing and creation, education through quality and the healthcare system reform.

“If I look to the images in the electoral campaign, I am confident that we will find in PNL a team, force, credibility and friendship, the mutual respect, things that some of us seem to have lost. If we are united, we can achieve a real support from those who watch PNL” Raluca Turcan stated.

The liberal leader mentioned that PNL suffered a “bitter defeat” at the parliamentary elections.

“We have resources, energy, faith, valuable people, it depends on us how we will unite”, Turcan added.

According to the Liberal leader, the main reason of losing the parliamentary elections was “the incoherent and inconsistent message” towards those who wanted to vote for PNL.


 PNL National Convention, convened on 17 June


The sole Chairperson of the new PNL, resulted from the merger of the Liberal party with PDL, will be elected in a congress convened on june 17, at which 5,000 delegates will participate; the decision has been taken on Saturday, at the PNL National Council of Coordination.

According to the announcement made by the PNL interim Chairperson Raluca Turcan, the sole Chairperson of the party cannot be elected by all the PNL members, but 5,000 delegates will be convened at the congress.

The party leaders have also decided on Saturday that the supreme decisional body of the party will be called “the Congress”, not the “National Convention”.

By now, Ludovic Orban and Catalin Predoiu announced their intention to run for the PNL Chairperson.

Also on Saturday, the Coordination Council approved the members of the committee for organising internal elections.

The committee is made up of Daniela Cimpean, Florin Alexe, Ioan Balan, Claudia Benchescu, Lucian Bode, Cristian Chirtes, Cristian Olteanu, Cezar Preda.

Furthermore, the components of the committee for the modification of the PNL statute were also voted on Saturday, to include: Catalin Boboc, Daniel Buda, Cristian Buican, Costica Canacheu, Victor Paul Dobre, Razvan Prisca, Mircea Toader, Cristina Traila, Mihai Voicu.


Turcan: Proposal to relax integrity criteria for PNL members, rejected


Interim National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairperson Raluca Turcan announced on Saturday that the proposal to relax the integrity criteria in the party statute was rejected by the National Political Bureau (BPN).

“This proposal to relax the integrity criteria was unanimously rejected in the statute committee and also in the National Standing Bureau, which means that it won’t be taken into discussion in the National Council of Coordination. PNL firmly and consistently respects a commitment made to all those who want our partnership of placing above any political interest the integrity in the public office, the involvement and will to participate in correct decisions to the citizen’s interest. (…) This proposal was made [decision] especially because PNL unanimously assumed to respect the integrity criteria. Lately, we have assisted to some street movements of a similar extent to the 1989 Revolution. The society asked for integrity, decency, equality in front of the law. PNL must be the first one to listen to the message of the street and to take into account the people’s requests for improving the quality of the political decision, and integrity is a fundamental pillar,” Raluca Turcan said at the Parliament Palace.

She showed that the proposal to relax the integrity criteria came from some party members who are not part of the BPN.

Turcan pointed out that the modifications to the PNL statute have been adopted by unanimity of votes and were going to be discussed in the National Council of Coordination.

“This way, PNL will enter the final stretch for organising internal elections,” Turcan underscored.

The BPN of the PNL rejected the proposal to modify the statute in the sense that “in the case of members holding leadership positions inside the party, the suspension from office is applied in case of preventive or home arrest measures, as well as in case of final sentences.”

Moreover, also rejected was the modification aimed at withdrawing the political support for the party representatives holding appointed positions in the local and central public administration against who there has been pronounced a final sentence decision, for having committed an offense.


The amendments to the PNL Statute, adopted by the National Council of Coordination


The amendments to the Statute of the National Liberal Party have been adopted on Saturday by the national Council of Coordination (CNC) with a large majority, 14 cons and 15 abstentions being registered.

The PNL interim Secretary General, Cristian Busoi, presented the amendments to the party’s statute in the CNC.

He stated that PNL will have four levels of leadership: the National Convention, renamed Congress – the supreme body, the National Council – the organism for political debate and decisions, which convenes whenever is needed, the National political Bureau – a body in which all the major decisions are taken and formed by the persons elected at the congress, county leaders, former PNL presidents, leaders of the parliamentary groups and special organizations, and the Executive bureau – for current issues.

According to Busoi, the Executive Bureau will be formed by a Chairman, a Secretary General, four First Vice Presidents on fields, elected in an uninominal manner by the CNC, eight Vice Presidents on fields, who will coordinate the special committees, directly elected in CNC, and who are incompatible with any other position in the party, eight regional presidents, elected by delegates only in the corresponding region, 16 members elected by CNC who can be branch presidents, elected on the list.

He added that the county structures will remain the same and that the presidents of the special branches will have the right to vote in the county organizations.


The amendments to the party’s statute caused dissatisfaction. Florin Roman has criticized Busoi’s validation, in the applauses of the Liberals: “A statute for Gigel and Misulica guys. PNL has ceased to penalize those who lost elections”


PNL MP Florin Roman has criticized the amendments brought to the PNL Statute, saying that they have been made to save the positions of those who are guilty of the party’s failure. Roman has criticized Busoi’s appointment as an interim Secretary, stating that the persons who bring votes are not let to act by the Misulica and Gigel guys.

He said that the amendments to the PNL Statute have been received shortly before the meeting of the National Permanent Bureau (BPN) and that the proceeding was “quick” at this meeting. He has also criticized the way of electing the interim Secretary General.

“The amendment to the Statute has been made to allow certain people who brought us here to continue to stay there. This statute is amended to allow Gigel and Misulica, whatever you wish, to continue leading your destinies. To be able to do it, they needed two things: to amend the Statute, and to push side the inconvenient persons. It seems like some of our colleagues didn’t understand anything from the result of the parliamentary elections, or if they did, it means they don’t wish the same thing that many of you wish – to make PNL govern. You will never see those who claim unity today, those Misulica and Gigel guys, fighting against PSD. You’ll see them fawning near the bosses, no matter who they are, and then betraying them every time”, Roman stated at the PNL National Council of Coordination.

He mentioned that he voted against the amendment of the PNL Statute in the BPN meeting.

“The meritocracy has to win in PNL, once and for all”, Roman concluded.

The Alba Iulia Mayor, Mircea Hava, has also criticized the fact that the amendments to the Statute weren’t presented.

“I think each of us should have had a paper, to know what we are amending to the statute. I hear all the kind of rumors. Without them (the mayors – e.n.), the party is zero. They are the ones who fight, and they are the ones who are hit in all the positions. Where from to get salaries? From your pension, you, parliamentarians, because I haven’t seen any of you going to the notary to say that he doesn’t want his pension. Why are you hypocrites?” Hava stated.

He advocated for a “strong party”, motivating that there is a partnership with a “strong President” – Klaus Iohannis.

“A President like Iohannis could not ever have a partnership with a party that stutters”, Mircea Hava concluded.


Busoi: The PNL leaders must be from the party and with political experience gained inside the party


The PNL interim Secretary General Cristian Busoi stated that there is “a great desire to lead” inside the Liberal party, but he pointed out that the future leaders must be “people from PNL and with experience gained inside the party”.

“There is a great desire to lead inside the party, but I think we also have to be very realistic – if there was an Ionel Bratianu in this moment, in PNL, he would have been noticed. But there are politicians with experience and organizational skills, with a good knowledge of the party, and we have to rely on what we have. I don’t think we would have any result to expect a providential leader, and we have to think at this with very much realism. (…) This team has to gather more experienced leaders and less experienced politicians, people who are good speakers and people who have organizational skills, but all of them have to have a clear feature: to be people from PNL and to have a political experience that is gained inside the party”, Busoi stated at the PNL National Council of Coordination.

He claimed that PNL’s opening to the exterior must be maintained, but he pointed out that the external solutions unfortunately showed themselves not to be good.

Busoi mentioned that PNL’s main opponent is PSD, and he pleaded for more power in the Opposition.

The PNL interim Secretary General also spoke about strengthening the partnership with President Klaus Iohannis.

He also said that his main priority as the interim Secretary General is to discuss with all the PNL organizations in order to regain the trust of the party’s supporters.


Venerable Liberal senior Mircea Ionescu-Quintus, almost reaching the age of 100 years: I hardly came to guarantee you PNL’s future. Me and Blaga are the guarantee of the PNL merger


The PNL Honorary Chairperson, Mircea Ionescu-Quintus, stated that he came to the CNC meeting to guarantee “the brilliant future” of the National liberal Party, underlining that if the party resisted more than 100 years, it doesn’t have to be worried for the future it will have in a few months.

“I hardly came before you and with you, here, to guarantee the brilliant future of our party. And to guarantee you, along with a person for which I have a special appreciation and I hope he will overcome the trouble he lives now, Mr. Vasile Blaga. We were and we are the guarantee of this party’s merger”, Mircea Ionescu-Quintus stated.

The PNL Honorary Chairperson said that he is confident in the solidity and in the victories of the party.

“I believe in the solidity and in the victories of our party, because (…) I am the most aged and the oldest PNL member. I am a PNL member since 80 years ago. (…) Together with my father, I lived 100 years in this party. Imagine that nothing could budge or move my adhesion and my trust in it” underlined Mircea Ionescu-Quintus.

He told to the Liberals that if the party resisted 100 years, it doesn’t have to be worried for the future it will have in a few months.

“If it resisted more than 100 years, why should we doubt for our future we ensure in a few months or weeks? (…) I didn’t come here to speak. Much cry and little wool, and we are poor enough to cry”, said the PNL Honorary Chairperson.

The Liberal confessed that he can hardly wait to congratulate the new PNL Chairperson and to assure him or her of his support.

“I can hardly wait (…) the moment of congratulating the new PNL Chairperson, to assure him or her of my support, and to assure all of you fighting for PNL’s victory”, Mircea Ionescu-Quintus concluded.


Orban: I am in campaign since I joined PNL; I have a lot of splinters after the battles I had 


Liberal Ludovic Orban stated at the CNC meeting that he is in campaign since he joined the party and that he “has a lot of splinters and scars” after the battles he had in PNL’s name.

“I am I campaign since I joined PNL. (…) I have a lot of splinters and scars after the battles I had in PNL’s name, because I never hesitated to fight for PNL” said Orban – who runs for the PNL Chairperson -, at the National Council for Coordination of the National Liberal Party.

He stated that PNL has to be represented by “people who have something to say, who know how to communicate, to empathize with people, who have the ability to generate a good image of the party”.

“No one can compete against PNL regarding the human resource’s value that the party has”, stated Orban.

He assured that in the campaign for the PNL internal elections, he will not criticize any competitor, regardless of the position for which they will run.

“I will not do anything else but coming to the grassroots. (…) Anyone who enrolls into the battle is welcomed. (…) I can make team with any PNL member. I make no difference between the PNL members. Elect the best at the local, county and central level. Don’t take into account the border (…) that we are not coming from the same party”, stated the Liberal.

Orban stated that PNL “needs unity as it needs air, but not a unity claimed from the microphone, but one to be internalized”.

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