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February 9, 2023

Deputy PM Shhaideh: Four billion euros allocated for polycentric development

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds Sevil Shhaideh stated on Monday in Giurgiu, that the amount of 4 billion euros is allocated for the polycentric development strategy and for the development of several urban poles.

“In Romania’s territorial development strategy, a project that is in debate on the Development Ministry website, this polycentric development strategy exists – in the sense that we acknowledge today that Bucharest acts as a resource magnet, especially human resources and on this grounds, through an important allocation for the municipalities that are counties’ capitals, it will be allowed for these, such as Giurgiu, Alexandria, Calarasi, perhaps municipalities with a lower financial capacity than Pitesti or Brasov or Bucharest to attract around them (resources – e.n.). This is what it’s called polycentric development strategy, attracting around them rural localities, villages, so that Giurgiu becomes a center of urban development for the villages around it just as Bucharest is for Giurgiu or Alexandria. (…) Therefore, there are four billion euros for the entire country, for municipalities which are county capitals, municipalities and cities, thus everything that means urban poles, in order to develop these services around them,” Sevil Shhaideh stated.

She added that interconnecting the county roads is important and the funding for the correspondent strategy is found in the Regional Operational Programme, worth 1.1 billion euros on a national level.

“And for the south region, where Giurgiu and Teleorman are located, there is an increased amount due to the lower financial capacity, just as there is for Vaslui, a poorer county than Giurgiu. There also is a higher allocation compared to other regions, there are additional scores for the road infrastructure projects,” the Minister added.

Sevil Shhaideh had met in Giurgiu with mayors of the county, President of the Giurgiu County Council Marian Mina, Senators Niculae Badalau and Cristian Marciu, as well as with Deputy Elena Dinu.

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