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September 20, 2021

Tariceanu: DNA is derailed and out of any civil control; prosecutors are not saints who come to apply the law

Senate’s President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Sunday evening for B1 TV that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) is an institution “completely derailed” and “out of any civil control”, given that prosecutors are not “saints who come to apply the law”, but persons who have “very serious behavior, judgment and moral shortcomings”.

“What the CCR decision did was only to put things on a normal way. I can’t tell I wasn’t satisfied, since there are two years wince I always criticize the abuses and the excesses made by certain force institutions, mainly by DNA, given that DNA is investigating the Government. Prosecutors who investigate the way in which the Government issues normative acts is a unique thing in the history of the democratic parliamentary systems. No one has ever seen this before” stated Calin Popescu Tariceanu, according to news.ro.

“This gave me an additional element in my belief that DNA is a completely derailed institution, which doesn’t understand the meaning of the democratic functioning of the three fundamental institutions in the state, arrogating, as CCR also said, powers that it doesn’t have”, added the Senate’s President.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu also mentioned that DNA is “an institution out of any civil control, prosecutors are not saints who come to apply the law”.

“Some of them have very serious behavior, judgement and moral shortcomings. How can we implicit faith in such an institution? The slippages we see, the abuses we see, are exactly the result of a phenomenon we warned about, and which some people don’t want to understand. They will understand when they will be themselves the victims of the abuses. It’s about abuse of power, it’s about corruption which unlimited power gives you, moral corruption”, the ALDE Co-President added.

He stated that probably President Klaus Iohannis “will come to his senses” when his mandate will end and he will enter into this chatterbox”.

“Probably the current President, when his mandate will end, and he will enter in the same chatterbox in which his predecessor also entered, will come to his senses. Until then, he thinks he is in a favorable position and he uses these instruments, he shows us the delight of the position, the way he thinks he has to dominate the Romanian political scene. That’s how some people understand the notions of democracy, free speech, freedom”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu concluded.

Tariceanu stated that “there’s no any politicizing of the CCR”, given that Constitutional Court is “a very well balanced mechanism”.

“There is a balance exactly in order not to risk a certain slippage inside CCR. But on the other hand, people who are CCR judges probably also have certain political options. What do those who claim the so-called depoliticizing want? They want to take some brainwashed people, who have nothing, who are what? What are those people who don’t have any option in their lives?” added the Senate’s President.

Constitutional Court admitted last Monday that there is a legal conflict of a constitutional nature between the Public ministry and the Government, related to the investigation on GEO 13. The complaint in this regard was made by the Senate’s President, Calin Popescu Tariceanu.


ALDE Co-President on the SIE leadership: Mr. Preda wasn’t nominated by anybody. I deny that there was such a discussion


The Co-President of the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) , Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, denied on Sunday evening that there was a discussion in the government coalition related to the appointment of the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), also denying the nomination of Cezar Preda for this position.

“These are only speculation (the possible nomination of Cezar Preda at the SIE leadership and an understanding between the Head of State and the government coalition on this matter – e.n.), and there was no discussion, not even between Liviu Dragnea and me, much less with the President. It’s not that I don’t confirm, but I deny that such a discussion would exist or would have been existed, and I don’t know from where the name I saw it’s circulated appeared, but… (…) Mr. Preda wasn’t nominated by anybody”, Tariceanu stated in a TV show at B1 TV.

He said that, to stay “away from any risks” in the future, the SIE Director was to be somebody “who can cope with restraints and responsibilities involved by the position”.

“First we’ll talk inside the alliance, my opinion is that we firstly have to find somebody who can cope with restraints and, in the end, with the responsibilities involved by such a position, and it’s not very easy. It depends what we intend to do with these services, if we want to appoint a person to whom we give a sinecure, or if somebody thinks like this, then it’s very simple. (…) Those who have been cultivated, formed, educated (in the proximity of the intelligence services – e.n.), no. People who (…) have serious democratic beliefs have to come (…) But, in order to stay away from any risks in the future, I want those who lead the services to be people who firstly are civilians, so to say, and I understand it must to be a clear separation line between services and political life”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu added.

The Senate’s President appreciates that intelligence services must not be present in media, in politics, in judiciary or in economy.

“Intelligence services have no reason to involve in political life, in political decisions, in judiciary or economy. I mean they must do their job, as everywhere in the civilized world, and no interference of these services has to exist in other areas that can cause distortions. I don’t agree with the presence of the services in media, I don’t agree with the presence of the services in politics, in Parliament in Government, in economics, in judiciary, intelligence services don’t have any reasons to be there. The services must operate according to their mission for which they have always been designed, and which works everywhere in the democratic and free world”, Tariceanu also said, being quoted by Agerpres.



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