Victor Ponta: Sorin Grindeanu consults with me, but he does what Liviu Dragnea says

PSD MP Victor Ponta stated on Sunday evening for Romania TV that PM Sorin Grindeanu consults with him, but he continues to do what the Social Democrat leader Liviu Dragnea says, saying that it’s a joke, but truth is said in jest.

Victor Ponta stated that he has the same statute as those in the TV studio, reason for which he cannot speak in the name of the PSD majority.

“I cannot seal in the name of a majority. I have exactly the same statute as you”, stated the former PM.

When one of the guests told him he is a PSD member, Ponta replied: “Then, I will solve this issue and I’ll be exactly as you are, I will not be a member anymore”.

Being further asked what did he want to suggest by saying that maybe he will not be a PSD member anymore, the social Democrat said that he can only speak in his name, not in the party’s name.

“If I hear this again, to answer in PSD’s name… I can only answer in my name, that’s all. I think this was a quite clear issue in the last year” added Victor Ponta, according to news.ro.

Asked if PM Sorin Grindeanu consults with him, the Deputy said that they talk, but PM continues to do what Liviu Dragnea tells him to do.

“If you understand the joke, Mr. Grindeanu consults me, but he does what Mr. Dragnea says. Truth is said in jest” stated the former PM.

Being also asked how he sees the evolution of things in Romania this year, he said “very bad”, given that Romania doesn’t have “a pilot at the stick, and people are fighting for who should drive the plane”.

“Very bad. I return to my favorite comparison which caused ironies, the one with the plane. We continue not to have a pilot at the stick, but people are fighting for who should drive the plane. Unfortunately, we fight between us inside the plane, too, we don’t know why. Meanwhile, outside the plane that flies because of the inertia of the years 2012 – 2015, there’s a bigger and bigger storm. EU can hardly resist, we have elections in France, Germany, Netherlands, in the near future. Economically, everybody suffers. Besides what we are doing in our plane, pilots are fighting for the stick, we, the passengers also fight between us in the back, for who sits at the window when the plane crashes, the storm around us is a very bad thing”, Victor Ponta concluded.


“Is it clear for you how the Rule of Law is built and protected?”


In a Facebook post, Victor Ponta reveals how he sees that decision are taken inside the Constitutional Court. He speaks about tight decisions and files from CNSAS.

“The fascist dictatorship makes steps in Romania / and those who still believe that they are fighting for democracy and ‘Rule of Law’ (like Mrs. Mungiu Pippidi) should accept this reality.

The call to dissolve CCR appears on ziare.com – the official website of the System (where Mrs. Ioana Ene Dogioiu is officiating day to day as a High Priestess of the “Saint Binomial Sect”).

In the last week, all the Internet and Media of Securitate are full of attacks against CCR and its “politicized” members!

The “beautiful and free” guys will protest today against CCR (an institution provided by the Constitution) who dared to bother DNA – a Romanian institution that doesn’t exist in any EU country! Everything for the “Rule of Law”, isn’t it?!?

Mrs. Mungiu Pippidi tries to stop an extremist political and ideological movement (in whose birth and consolidation she participated) – it’s interesting for you to read the overwhelmingly negative comments of Mrs. Mungiu’s fans to this call – all of them think like Mussolini’s “brownshirts”, or like the SS young boys!

The arguments are simple and false (they are good for some people who think themselves very smart and holding the truth) – the Government and CCR violate the Rule of Law and the CCR President is a “PSD supporter”!

Only for the history, I would like to recall two moments that have fundamentally marked Romania’s life, and whose consequences we feel also today

  1. The CCR decision no.683 since June 27, 2012, by which was decided (totally wrong, in my opinion) the President’s right to participate to the European Council in place of the PM – this decision sets a totally abnormal representation regime in EU for Romania (only France is also represented by the President instead of the PM, and only when there is no cohabitation), and it makes our country to be completely handicapped in the European activity / more straight – as long as we don’t have the head of the Government at the European Council’s table, nobody will consider us otherwise than for the final vote.

The decision has been adopted through a vote of 5-4 by the CCR judges.

  1. The CCR Decision no.6 since August 21, 2012, invalidating the referendum for the dismissal of the Romanian President Traian Basescu / although 7.5 million people voted YES, and less than 1 million voted NO, the CCR judges decided that Traian Basescu will return in office, ceasing Crin Antonescu’s interim mandate.

The CCR decision was adopted by 6-3 (in this case, 5 votes weren’t sufficient, at least 6 votes were necessary, according to the law).

To be fair, I mention that the current Justice Minister was on the right side (but representing the minority) in both cases!

Although USL had the majority of the people’s support in both cases, it also had the interim President of Romania, the leadership of the parliament and of the Government, nobody dissolved CCR – its decisions have been respected. Could we be wrong?

You know that CCR was led at that time by Mr. Augustin Zegrean – former PDL MP and Traian Basescu’s “close legal adviser” / but political appointments in CCR were good at that time – now they are bad!

I have a question of 100 points for Ioana Ene Dogioiu, Hotnews, Digi 24, all the apostles of the “anticorruption” and the beautiful and free fighters who will gather in the Square today: do you know who was the CCR judge gave the decisive vote I both of the decisions, the vote which led to the majority? If you don’t, I can help you with several details: o lady judge appointed by PSD, former colleague of Mr. Adrian Nastase, at the proposal made by Mr. Octav Cozmanca (they were relatives from Botosani), and who (gossips in the Media say this, although I don’t believe it), was convinced to vote “right” because Mr. General Coldea had the original of her file as an informer of the Securitate (the CNSAS decision according to which she collaborated was adopted unanimously!!!)

Is it clear for you how the Rule of Law is built and protected? And how CCR is good if it decide as we want, and how it has to be dissolved if it touches DNA? Did you see how certain judges appointed by PSD are good, and others are bad (if they don’t have a file at Securitate)? Did you understand how you reach to boo Mrs. Mungiu Pippidi after you loved Mrs. Aspazia Cojocaru? Well – then let’s go to protest! Everything until all of us will see that we can live worse than in the communist times!” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.

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