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October 2, 2022

Ponta on Tariceanu’s file: They proposed that I be protected witness. I hope CSM and State Department would take note

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta revealed on his Facebook page what he stated before the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutor in the case in which Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Remus Truica are being investigated.

“To the attention of the U.S. State Department – another flagrant case of Securitate-like media manipulations in criminal cases – the ‘Tariceanu’ case. And a notification filed with the CSM, concerning unacceptable media pressure on judges who have to make a ruling in a case on the docks.

“Precisely on the day in which Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu publicly asked for the dismissal of the DNA leadership, well-selected and tampered passages from his criminal case file suddenly appeared in the Securitate press (namely in ‘Adevarul,’ owned by the dangerous defendant Cristi Burci, subsequently picked up by all of the System’s insolvent and subsidised [media outlets])! The headlines, for those ignorant and naïve who like being told lies to their faces, were the likes of ‘Tariceanu was exposed by his very wife and by Victor Ponta’!!!

“What Mr Tariceanu’s former wife stated I don’t know, but what I said I still have full mental capacity; I didn’t expose anything about Tariceanu because I didn’t have what to expose – at first I thought the DNA falsified my statements but today I notice it’s not so! The DNA correctly noted what I said (things that are true and in Mr Tariceanu’s favour) – those who falsified [them] were precisely the System’s undercover officers from their subservient press!

“The case is now in the stage of public trial / so I can explain it for everyone to understand:

“I was subpoenaed at DNA Brasov as witness; to my surprise, nobody from the press was waiting for me and what I stated there was not subsequently leaked (very bizarre after one got used to DNA Ploiesti TV –  where I find out from journalists when and why I’ll be summoned, before someone officially summons me)! I was legally proposed becoming a witness with protected identity, which I refused because there was no need, nor am I the kind of informer so praised and loved by our “Rule of Law”!

“I answered correctly the questions concerning the accusations levelled against Mr Tariceanu (which are included in the official indictment dossier):

  • If I know something about the restitution of a farm in Baneasa and of a plot of land in Snagov; NO, I have no idea
  • If I know some Israeli citizens dealing with restitutions – NO
  • If I know where the sale deeds were drafted – NO
  • If Mr Tariceanu introduced me to Tal Silberstein – NO (I know him since 2004, since Adrian Nastase’s campaign)
  • If I talked with Remus Truica after I became Prime Minister – NO (I know Remus Truica very well, since 2003, I don’t know any illegal actions of his, but I avoided him for protection reasons, at the suggestion of a member of SRI who is close to me)

“That was all. In juridical terms, I was a completely useless witness: I know nothing relevant for the case! I thought I would no longer appear in this case. Not having any interdiction from the prosecutor in this sense, on the same day I told Mr Dragnea and Mr Tariceanu about the hearing (I was extremely astonished by the proposal to be witness with protected identity)!

“Of course, I will uphold these things before the judges too – I didn’t want to publicly present anything until that moment, but faced with the Securitate press’s coverage and manipulation of this case, I consider unacceptable pressure is being put on the act of justice!

“I hope the CSM and the State Department will take note in this case; at least for the fact that two people who for almost 8 years held the office of Prime Minister of a NATO and EU member state are involved!

“Or is Romania really Guantanamo: you can use any methods if you consider those targeted (in this case, Tariceanu) to be very bad???” Victor Ponta concluded.


Ponta reveals SRI warned him about Remus Truica


In a statement made as witness in the case in which Calin Popescu Tariceanu is indicted for aiding and abetting, ex-Premier Victor Ponta pointed out he broke off his relation with businessman Remus Truica after SRI informed him that the businessman has problems, while Tariceanu’s ex-wife pointed out that Truica did not want to pay EUR 1.7 million in notarial taxes for the sale of the Snagov forest.

Asked about his relation with Remus Truica, the businessman who allegedly planned the fraudulent restitution of Snagov forest, Ponta admitted he knew him for several years.

“After I became Prime Minister, I avoided meeting Truica again, because SRI informed me that he has problems, without receiving any other details,” Ponta pointed out.

Asked whether he met Israeli political consultant Tal Silberstein at Tariceanu’s home, Ponta answered affirmatively. “Yes, I found him at Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s home in 2014 and there was talk about forming a new party. Tariceanu was seeing Traian Basescu and Vasile Blaga too,” the ex-Premier stated for the DNA, according to files consulted by News.ro.


Tariceanu: I knew for a long time that DNA proposed that Ponta should become protected witness


Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated for Antena3 private television broadcaster that he knew for a long time that the DNA had proposed that Ponta should become protected witness against him, and he knew it from the ex-Premier himself.

“I’m not surprised by Ponta’s statement. He told me he went to DNA Brasov to testify. What he announced today, he had told back then. It’s a surprising element to try to turn a former Premier into a protected witness against another former Premier. What is happening in Romania are Securitate-like measures.

“Pressure was exerted on all witnesses to level accusations against me. Pressure was put on various witnesses in an attempt to find something. This perjury and aiding and abetting dossier was rigged. Had it been so, the DNA would have indicted me in the main dossier, [the one] with the restitutions there is talk of.

“Those who believe this is about a fight against corruption are naïve, it’s a fight for power, one in which several institutions are involved; precisely those that should fight against corruption are displaying abuse of power.

“Romania is becoming an unwanted champion at the ECHR,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu said.


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