The Senate hasn’t elected the representatives of the civil society in CSM; no candidate has achieved the necessary number of votes

Senators haven’t elected, in the plenary session of Tuesday, the two representatives of the civil society in the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), because none of the nine candidates hasn’t achieve the vote of the majority of the present senators.

Senators expressed themselves by secret ballot vote.

“Since the vote of the majority of the present senators hasn’t been achieved, they are not declared elected as representatives of the civil society in CSM” shows the report of the committee for counting the votes.

The President of the meeting, Senator Niculae Badalau, stated that the Senate’s Permanent Bureau will decide on the proceeding to be followed.

Of the 12 enrolled candidates (Victor Alistar, Razvan Codru Vrabie, Antonie Popescu, Madalina Tomescu, Marian Dragos Radulescu, Ion Radu Motica, Romeu Chelariu, Florin Negoita, Virgil Melnic, Radu Cornel Andreica, Zaharia Constantin and Elena Iulia Stefanescu),the Legal Committee rejected the files of Zaharia Constantin, Florin Negoita and Virgil Melnic as incomplete.

The Legal Committee heard later the candidates who met the legal requirements to be elected.

According to the law, the CSM members from the civil society can be law specialists who have a seniority of at least 7 years in the legal field, a high professional and moral reputation and who are not members of any political party.

CSM is formed by 19 members, of which three members are members by the law – the Justice Minister, the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Prosecutor General.

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