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September 18, 2020

This year, Prahova will be “The World Capital of Oil”

Since this year, in Prahova, 160 years since the establishment of the first oil refinery in the world will be celebrated, as well as 50 years since the “Oil and Gas” University of Ploiesti was founded, being unique in Romania in this profile, the county authorities announced that starting from next month, a large number of actions will begin to marl these events. Actually, every month, by the end of the year, an event is held in order to celebrate “the black gold”.

This year, we celebrate 160 since the first refinery in the world has been established by Mehedinteanu brothers, and 50 years of higher oil education in Ploiesti. On this occasion, the oil and Gas University of Ploiesti recently had a meeting establishing a working committee designed to establish a number of events under the name: “Prahova – 2017, the World Capital of Oil”. The working group is formed by representatives of the following institutions: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Prahova County Council, Ploiesti Municipality, Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti, Prahova County Museum of Natural Sciences, OMV-Petrom, Petrotel-Lukoil, Conpet, Petrostar, Historical and Cultural Society “Mihai Viteazul” and the “Constantin Stere” Foundation. Following the talks between the representatives of the above mentioned institutions, it was decided to establish a number of events both in localities from Prahova and from the country, the main subject to be discussed being oil. The events will start in April, and as it was announced, by the end of this year, every month, an event related to the importance of the “black gold” will be organized. Thus, next month, the Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti will host the first event, marked by the unveiling an anniversary plaque and by a scientific session. In May, the events will take place in Bucharest, given that Bucharest is the first city in the world who was illuminated by kerosene from Prahova. In June, the events will be hosted by Constanta, since the first gasoline export has been recorded here. The calendar of the actions called “Prahova – 2017, the World Capital of Oil” also includes the following events: in July – book launch at Telega; in August – evoking the establishment of the first School of driller masters, in Campina; in September – celebrating 160 years since the first oil refinery in the world was established, at the Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti; in October – celebrating 50 years of higher oil education in Ploiesti, at the Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti.


* In 1857, three world premieres related to oil have been recorded in Romania


The oldest testimony attesting the existence of crude oil sources in Romania is a document issued by the chancellery of the ruling princes Ilias and Stefan, the sons and the successors of Alexandru cel Bun to the throne, speaking, on October 4, 1440, of the village “Lucacesti, on Tazlaul Sarat, near the oil fuel”, and the document of November 22, 1517, attesting the place called “la Pacuri” (“at the Oil Fuels” – e.n.), among the border points of the Secareni village – today Tintea, a neighborhood in the Baicoi city of Prahova.

The industrial distillation of the oil begins with the refinery built by Mehedinteanu brothers on the outskirts of Ploiesti, near the Southern Railway Station, at 174 Buna Vestire Street (today the Rafov barrier). The facilities of the refinery were quite primitive, all the equipment consisting in cylindrical vessels of iron or cast iron, directly heated with wood fire. These machines were ordered from Germany, to the Moltrecht Company, which was building boilers for the distillation of bitumen shales, and in December, 1856, the “gas factory” from Ploiesti started to be built on the name of Marin Mehedintanu. The oil provided by Mehedinteanu brothers for the public lighting had indisputable qualities: it was colorless and odorless, burning with a bright flame, of a constant intensity and shape, without smoke and without leaving any ash or resin compound in the wick. These important qualities of the product excluded any competition, the other offers proposing the rapeseed oil or coconut oil as fuel.

In the hierarchy of the countries having an old tradition in exploiting and processing oil, Romania has recorded its name since 1857, a year in which it achieved three world premieres related to oil: the first country in the world with crude oil production, officially registered in the international statistics – 275 tones; the first refinery in the world, built in Ploiesti and starting to operate in the same year; Bucharest was the first city in the world publicly illuminated by kerosene, on April 1, 1857.

As a result of the development of the oil industry in Romania at that time, our country also recorded other world premieres. Specifically, starting with the 1990’s, Romania was the first country in the world which exported gasoline, and in 1904, the first school of driller masters was founded in Campina, the Prahova County.

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