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January 28, 2023

ALDE conference can be held at summer’s end at the earliest. Party to elect single leadership

ALDE Secretary General and Lower Chamber lawmaker Damian Florea pointed out on Thursday that, realistically, the ALDE party conference can be held at the end of summer at the earliest, pointing out that it is necessary, first of all, to organise elections within the party’s county branches, a process that could take several months.

“I talked with colleagues from all over the country about the way the ALDE conference can be held. (…) I told them too, realistically, that we can organise the party conference at the end of summer at the earliest. Although there are different options within the party at this moment, we cannot ignore the elementary democratic principles that ALDE, as a Liberal party, is obligated to respect,” Damian Florea stated in a communique remitted to Mediafax on Thursday.

He pointed out that, based on statutory provisions, it’s normal for elections to be first held at the level of county branches and for the party conference that will elect a single party leadership to be held at the end of this process that could take several months.

“To promote, today, elections from the top down, means contradicting our own principles, our own doctrinaire elements we agreed upon when forming ALDE. (…) I care very much about this project, being the one who filed ALDE’s constitutive documents in court. I would be disappointed for today’s ALDE to forget what we all undertook when this party was juridically born,” Damian Florea added.

He pointed out he does not understand the rush in holding a party conference.

“I remember how, in 2015 and 2016, while being alongside the two co-presidents, Mr Tariceanu was talking about the importance of selections made through direct elections, not through middlemen, not through delegates to local party conferences. And, to have legitimacy, all members must vote. I believe this must happen now too, at the ALDE conference. I don’t understand this rush,” the ALDE Secretary General concluded.


Tariceanu on ALDE future: We will stake on a single leadership formula after conference that “will most likely take place after Easter”


ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Monday that ALDE will give up on its current leadership formula and will have a single leadership after the party conference. Tariceanu announced that the party conference “will most likely take place after Easter.”

“I discussed this with my colleague Daniel Constantin and we agreed that this transitional formula we have been using since the merger of the two parties will be abandoned after the party conference. So, we will stake on a single leadership formula,” the ALDE Co-President stated.

Asked for his comment on some public allegations that there is a conflict between ALDE’s two presidents, Tariceanu said only that he has no disagreements with Daniel Constantin in what concerns the ALDE conference, the first party conference after the parliamentary elections.

“Regarding the party conference, we have no disagreements, for two reasons: firstly, because in the statute that we currently have – which we approved at last year’s party conference – we decided that a party conference will be held immediately after the parliamentary elections. Secondly, I had a political discussion with Mr Daniel Constantin before the New Year’s Eve; I don’t know if he has changed his point of view in the meantime, he hasn’t told me this. Considering these two issues, we will hold the party conference most likely after Easter. At this moment, there are a series of party branches that have demanded this within the statutory bodies,” Tariceanu added.


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