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December 6, 2021

Ciolos to launch NGO with political objectives: We also mull new political project

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Thursday that the NGO he will set up will have political objectives, adding that some of the projects of his team while in office will be continued, and that serious thought is being given to a new political project, movement or party.

“This is an NGO with political objectives to the extent that politics entails being concerned with the life of the city, with what happens in society. First of all, I would like, we would like – because several of the members of the association upon launch will be former members of my Cabinet from various levels – to continue working on some projects that we started while in office and which we believe it’s important to implement in the economy and social areas, education, healthcare and so on,” Ciolos told RFI radio broadcaster.

He added that he still wants open cooperation with the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR).

“We will come up with proposals, including legislative proposals that can win the backing of parliamentary parties. I want to remind you that when I launched this platform, while in office, it enjoyed the backing of the National Liberal Party and the Save Romania Union, both of which are in Parliament now and with which we want to have open and honest cooperation – and certainly other parties can join that are ready to cooperate with us starting from the principles and values we have advanced in the platform, so that we may make the suggestions and advance them. We will be open to such cooperation,” Ciolos explained.

“So we will coalesce, we will concentrate technical competence, specific, political competence in certain fields, in order to come up with both proposals that will be the subject of some legislative proposals in Parliament, via the parliamentary parties, and with proposed projects that can be implemented in direct collaboration with the business sector, with other non-governmental organisations that are working in certain fields and need this expertise, in order to be able to implement projects,” the ex-Premier added.

He added that his future NGO will come up with projects that can become legislative proposals in Parliament via the parliamentary parties, as well as with projects that can be implemented by working closely with the business community and other NGOs in need of expertise.

As far as cooperation with PNL goes, the former prime minister said nothing has been sketched up so far with PNL or USR.

“If a decision in this sense is taken at some point, I’ll announce it. For the time being, I have nothing sketched up or decided either with PNL or with USR. We are very seriously considering a new political project, so a new political project, a political movement or political party. Regardless of the option we will pick, our objective is to be able to contribute to a credible political project or to a credible political alternative for the future elections, but one that would not wait for the future elections, in order to come up with certain proposals that could be implemented until then.”


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