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March 30, 2023

Court of Appeal orders 4 ml euro seized from doctor Serban Bradisteanu

The Asset Verification Commission of the Bucharest Court of Appeal upheld on Thursday the request of the National Integrity Agency (ANI) to have 3,595,333 euro and 414,000 US dollars seized from heart surgeon Serban Bradisteanu.

The decision will be notified to a panel of judges of the Bucharest Court of Appeal for enforcement.

In September 2008 ANI notified the Bucharest Court of Appeal that then head of the cardiovascular surgery department of the Bucharest Floreasca Hospital, Dr. Serban Bradisteanu had unduly obtained the roughly 4 ml euro between 2000 – 2004 when he was serving as Senator.

ANI also found that Bradisteanu had been in a conflict of interest in connection with the purchase of medical equipment, as he was also head of the tendering committee.

The review of the documents attached to the notification, of Mr. Bradisteanu’s wealth statements and additional documents requested by the integrity inspector revealed an evident and unjustified difference between the acquired wealth and the lawful incomes of the person concerned, ANI said then.

ANI’s notification is related to the criminal case where doctor Bradisteanu was prosecuted for abuse of office and taking 3,595,333 euros and round 500,000 dollars in bribe from a medical products distribution company in exchange for rigging the auctions for the purchase of medical equipment for penitentiaries. The anticorruption prosecutors said the money was transferred to him via the accounts of an offshore company.

In April 2015 Serban Bradisteanu was cleared of the charges, but ANI took the case further on ground that he couldn’t justify the amounts by his incomes.

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