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June 21, 2021

Tariceanu: Iohannis should have had to present the mandate for Brussels into the Parliament; avoiding the Legislature is a serious matter

Senate’s President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Wednesday at the parliament that President Klaus Iohannis should have had to present the mandate with which he goes to Brussels into the Parliament, the debate in the Legislature being “necessary”, given that the head of State would have a “much more stronger” position at the negotiations inside the European Council.

Asked if President Klaus Iohannis should come in front of the joint plenum of the Parliament to present the mandate with which he will go to Brussels to discuss about the Europe’s future, Calin Popescu Tariceanu answered affirmatively.

“Yes, three times yes, without any doubt. I have an experience as a Prime-Minister, I participated at the meetings of the European Council for four years. Each time, the Prime-Ministers who wanted to advocate there with more power and with more arguments in favor of their own ideas and projects and opinions, were bringing the argument of the debate in their national Parliament who mandated them with that opinion, over which they were saying: We are sorry. We are willing to make compromises, but this is the mandate that I have”, stated the President of the Senate.

The ALDE Co-President also said that compromise is needed at the European Council, but the Head of State must understand that he doesn’t go there to represent the country by himself.

“Of course compromise is needed at the European Council, but I believe that the President of the country also has to understand that he doesn’t go there to represent himself. Avoiding the Parliament from this equation is a very serious matter. The debate in Parliament is necessary, and thus I believe the President would have a benefit from it, and he would have a much stronger position in the negotiations that will follow”, Tariceanu added.

Being asked if he invited President Klaus Iohannis in Parliament, Calin Popescu Tariceanu said that “a word to the wise is enough”.

“My colleagues did this, the President of the Chamber (Liviu Dragnea – e.n.), I also did this as official as him, from the Parliament’s stand. There is a saying: a word to the wise is enough”, the Senate’s President concluded.

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