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October 23, 2021

Deputy PM Sevil Shhaideh on PNDL: Projects not granted bases on alliances, funding goes to projects, documents

Deputy PM and Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds Minister Sevil Shhaideh told a press conference on Friday in Satu Mare that the local authorities have one week left to file projects for funding through the National Programme of Local Development (PNDL), pointing out that funding is not granted “based on alliances,” but on technical-economic documentations.

The Deputy PM had a meeting with the mayors of Satu Mare County, pointing out that the project-filing deadline is 17 March.

“There have been big problems in respect to the National Programme of Local Development. In accordance to law, in 30 days since the release in the Official Journal of the state budget law, the beneficiaries, namely the local authorities, have this 30-day time frame to file with the Development Ministry the requests concerning the funding of investment objectives in local infrastructure. Here we had discussions and clarified procedures, steps. For instance: starting 1 January 2017 the VAT quota was modified, therefore absolutely all projects must be revised very easily, fast, with the new VAT quota so that the funding we grant is in accordance with the updated values,” Shhaideh said.

She underlined that there will be no conditionality of closing some local political alliances for funding these objectives.

Satu Mare Municipality Mayor Kereskenyi Gabor has recently said that he would accept granting the Social Democratic Party (PSD) a vice mayor office if there are firm commitments on the gov’t side on making some investments, as there are two vice mayors from the National Liberal Party (PNL).

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