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June 22, 2021

Romania sends document regarding its position about Union future to EU member states preparing the Summit in Rome

Romania sent to the European Union (EU) member states a document in which the position regarding the future of the EU in preparing the Summit in Rome, that will take place on 25 March is presented, according to the Presidential Administration.

“Europe today is at a turning point, taking in to account the conditions in which we are confronted with a cumulation of internal and external crises of unprecedented complexity and intensity. The history of the EU’s construction repeatedly revealed that our strength consist of unity, solidarity, cohesion and an ambitious, innovative vision regarding the future. These guiding principles and values always represented the foundation of the European project. Romania believes that these must remain a foundation stone of the future development of the Union, in our mutual benefit. The EU remains an indispensable project for us all,” the document sent this week to the EU member states reveals.

The document reads that “the main objective of the Declaration of Rome should be to convey a clear signal that the EU member states must stay united, coherent and engaged to co-work for a powerful Europe, based on values and an inclusive Europe, that would be able to regain the trust of European citizens.

“Even if challenges are unprecedented, both on an internal, as well as on an external level, the history of the EU’s funding proved that crisis periods can be overrun if there is mutual will,” the document points out.

Moreover, it’s indicated that the European project must be re-launched based on some common and inclusive initiatives.

“Only through achieving concrete progresses and through maintaining alive its force of attraction can we convince our citizens that the EU remains viable and credible. The key-words of our future action should be: security (internal and external), economic growth and employment, observing the fundamental values and freedoms,” the document reveals.

It is also mentioned that Romania is pleading for a more powerful, strengthened and more cohesive EU.

In the document it’s revealed that one of the main principles of the Declaration of Rome must aim at unity, cohesion and durability.

“It must be clearly expressed the fact that there is no alternative to a European solution that places the stability of our economies and societies and the prosperity of our citizens in the center of the Union’s actions,” the document stipulates.

Another principle outlined in the document is “without steps backwards.”

“It’s essential to preserve and build based on fundamental achievements of the EU the four fundamental interconnected liberties, the Internal Market, the Schengen, the euro, the cohesion policy and expansion. Preserving a balanced and inclusive approach in promoting these policies, towards the common benefit of all the EU members it’s essential for a successful and prosper Union. There are some areas, such as security and defence, where there is still room for development, even within the framework offered by the current Treaties. In such areas we should ensure the full implementation of the Treaties’ provisions, that could presume the improvement of the EU’s method of work, under the conditions of observing the unity and coherence spirit written in the Treaties,” the document reveals.

Furthermore, avoiding fragmentation and an integrated approach regarding the solidarity principle, as well as ensuring convergence principles are mentioned to be comprised in the Declaration of Rome.

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