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October 25, 2021

Tariceanu: There is no competition for legitimacy between the Parliament and the President

Senate’s President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu claims that there is no competition for legitimacy between the Parliament and the President, appreciating that the assertions of the Head of State regarding the Statement adopted by the Legislature indicate that “he looks like the cat who swallowed the canary”.

“This statement (of the Head of State – e.n.) proves once again that the President looks like the cat who swallowed the canary, as they say in popular language. (…) There are two CCR decisions which are so clear, which basically prove that both the President’s complaint and the CSM’s complaint have been submitted in bad faith, to prevent a legal exercise which the Executive had the right to perform. (…) There is no competition for legitimacy between the Parliament and the President, as President believes and gives the impression that Parliament wishes. Each of us have a legitimacy, but it is a different legitimacy: the Parliament represents the state. There are two different notions. The President doesn’t have to be upset on this. What should be the President’s concern is how he can comply with the Constitution’s regulations” Tariceanu stated on Wednesday evening for Antena 3.

Tariceanu said that the Head of State has proved that the coat he has to wear, namely the Constitution, “seems too tight”.

“To use a more plastic expression, so to speak: Constitution is a coat that the President has to wear. This coat mustn’t be too large, but it also mustn’t be too tight on the President. Recently, the President proved to us that this coat is too tight for him and he wants more. He needs more breathing space, more room for action. This is not the role of the President set by the Constitution. Obviously, the President is the mediator between the state and the society. The law specialist from Cotroceni don’t have to feel injured by the fact that I said that the President is outside the society. If he is an arbitrator, he is an arbitrator between the state and the society, as the Constitution provides” Tariceanu explained, appreciating that the President’s reaction would belong to his team at Cotroceni.

According to the Senate’s President, the Head of State “made a political mistake that was sanctioned by CCR”.

“He feels like the cat who swallowed the canary because he made a political mistake that was (…) sanctioned by CCR, who invalidated his standpoint. The President contested the Government’s right to issue ordinances, that was the complaint submitted to the Court, and the Court said no. The Government has the entire right to issue emergency ordinances. Well, he feels guilty. The Prosecutor’s complaint is another thing that exceeds the constitutional regulations, and President should have reacted, in my opinion. He didn’t even now. That’s why I believe he realizes he has some mistakes in his record, which are not useful for the exercise of the mandate and also for the future, because I suppose he wishes to have another mandate, and he should ponder very seriously not to make the mistake that he predecessor, Traian Basescu, made, (…) – to be a player President” Tariceanu added.

He also said that the Parliament’s Statement must not be interpreted as a part “of a battle, of a conflict with the President”.

“No. It is a different thing. (…) This balance (of the powers in the state – e.n.), has been seriously affected lately, and the most affected institution was the Parliament. Today’s Statement is only restoring this balance. (…) I will never agree with a President who wants to be a player President who arrogates powers that Constitutions doesn’t provide. I also don’t want the opposite to be understood, namely that I would possibly agree with a Parliament who has a totally exaggerated and hyperdimensional role, outside the Constitution’s provisions”, Tariceanu underlined.

As for a possible suspension, Tariceanu mentioned that “there is no discussion” on this matter.

“There isn’t a blank check given to the President. The President must not imagine that he can do whatever he wants. There are some constitutional limits which are very clear”, Tariceanu pointed out.

Senators and Deputies adopted on Wednesday, in a joint session of the two Chambers, a Statement which underlines that the Legislature is firmly committed to exclusively serve the nation it represents, the structured and legal opinion of the Romanian society being legitimately and exclusively expressed by the Parliament.

The Statement Project has been proposed by the Senate’s President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

The political Statement adopted on Wednesday by the Parliament represents a worrying signal on the perspective that the Legislature has about the way in which it relates to the state institutions and authorities, as well as to the civil society, mentioned the Presidential Administration in a press release, on Wednesday.


 “It would be losing for the current government coalition to cause a rupture either in PSD or in ALDE”


The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Co-President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu appreciates that it would be “losing” for the current government coalition to cause a rupture either in PSD or in the party he is leading.

“I believe it would be losing for the current government coalition to cause a rupture either in PSD or in ALDE. I hope it will not happen. As for ALDE, I had some talks on this subject with my colleague, Co-President Daniel Constantin, several times, and he told me that he doesn’t have any intention to make this step. (…) I don’t have reasons to believe that he has another agenda, different than the one he told me that he has” said Tariceanu on Wednesday for Antena 3.

He reminded that USL’s success in the elections of 2012 “was gone down the drain” because “they worked hard and finally managed to destroy the trust between the leaders of the two parties, PSD and PNL”.

“What was that victory good for? I am saying the same thing now: wouldn’t be the victory we had on December 11 for nothing? (…) In Romania, until the elections of December 11, occult powers, illegitimate powers who entered into the political game had a very bad influence, and unfortunately, the President has used and he seems to wish to continue using them. So if the President has a different agenda, if the President wishes at any cost to continue the war he announced against the current government coalition, no wonder that such attempts exist (repeating the scenario of 2012 – e.n.)”, Tariceanu added.

According to him, today there is no “such a different agenda to justify a rupture”.

“I don’t believe there is such a different agenda to justify a rupture, but there is the insidious action of some people, there are speculations, rumors that are introduced I debates, including in the public space, which of course that erode trust, cause suspicions, give the impression that there are separated agendas, and the effect will finally produce”, Tariceanu said.

But he expressed his hope that the current coalition will find the resources to “harmonize the points of view”.

“I feel the need for PSD and for us (ALDE – e.n.) to continue together and I believe we’ll find the political formulas to harmonize our point of views”, Tariceanu said.


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