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January 26, 2022

Presidential advisor Leonard Orban: Romania wishes to be closer to advancing core at EU level

Romania wishes to be closer to the core that is advancing the most at the EU level, to overcome “development handicaps,” on Sunday told the private Digi 24 TV broadcaster the presidential advisor, Leonard Orban.

“Currently, Romania is not part of the Euro Zone, of the Schengen space, but on the other hand, Romania rallied or will rally to some consolidated cooperation formulas, such as the European Prosecutor. Romania’s wish is to overcome these development handicaps and be closer to the core that is advancing the most at the EU level,” asserted Orban.

He reminded that at the recent reunion of the European Council, president Klaus Iohannis rejected the multi-speed Europe idea. He explained that a multi-speed Europe means that not all Member States participate in all activities, the current policies at EU level, and that there are larger or smaller groups of Member States that are joining certain initiatives at European level.

“We find ourselves at the beginning of the reflection process. The summit in Rome will be the start of this reflection process. Opinions will be, viewpoints will be that might be amended. Let us not forget that in France and in Germany elections will take place this year. So, I wouldn’t say that things are decided yet. It is true that currently, Germany, France together with other large countries, such as Spain, Italy do advocate this approach. We’ll live and see what happens at the end of the process,” Orban added.

He stressed that to block such a declaration may draw certain strongly negative consequences, but added that all options are on the table and that Romania doesn’t rule out this matter, either.

When asked whether after Brexit a major risk emerges to disintegrating Europe, Orban asserted that Brexit has a paradoxical effect of growing support for the EU.


“I believe we couldn’t possibly do ourselves a greater infliction than adoption of GEO No. 13”


The presidential advisor Leonard Orban on Sunday told the private Digi 24 TV broadcaster that he doesn’t believe that Romania could have done a greater infliction to itself as it did with adopting the Emergency Ordinance No. 13 (GEO 13), stressing that this offered arguments to the people in the EU who have blocked our country’s Schengen membership.

“Practically, we offered arguments to those who said and blocked us as regards the Schengen space, that they are not convinced that the progresses, which are remarkable, are irreversible. We proved they are not and that anytime something could happen and undo things,” said Leonard Orban, when asked about the possibility to having lifted the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) and about the GEO 13.

Orban added that it is a good thing that GEO 13 has been abrogated, this is seen positively by the EU officials, but fears are that things could repeat.

In his opinion, the CVM should “sooner or later” be finalised.

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