Euro-parliamentarian Tokes Laszlo: UDMR has sabotaged the autonomy in the last 27 years

President of the National Hungarian Council of Transylvania (CNMT), the FIDESZ MEP Tokes Laszlo, accused the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) of sabotaging the autonomy in the last 27 years, also this wish is included in the Alliance’s Program, claiming that UDMR has signed a secret pact at Neptun, in the 90s.

“There is a problem that UDMR has sabotaged the autonomy in the last 27 years, that’s not how we started, the UDMR program includes this idea, we must reconcile with UDMR. All the councils, UDMR and its allies must reconcile, we have to be supported by the historical churches to express our inalienable right to internal self-determination. This wouldn’t cause conflicts, but it would solve conflicts. (…) the UDMR program refers to autonomy in several steps, but it has forgot about this program. UDMR has a misleading and insidious policy, it supports autonomy every time when elections occur, but later it forgets about this matter. It needs autonomy only to obtain votes. I believe they agreed in the 90s at the pact of Neptun, they accepted a secret pact, and since then they were part of secret pacts and they actually waived autonomy, in change of obtaining seats into the Parliament and Government. This duplicitous policy must end”, Tokes stated on Saturday at Cluj-Napoca, in a press conference, according to Mediafax.

He said that the relations between Romania and Hungary could be solved, and the “reconciliation” could be reached if there would be a dialogue on autonomy.

“If we could agree and reach an agreement, the existing traditional conflict would be solved. We hope that the Romanian political class, the Romanian Government will finally discuss with the Hungarians, with the Szeklers, and we will have an agreement on autonomy, which can be made with the support of the Hungarians. We don’t wish independence, like the Scots or Catalans, we don’t wish independence from Romania, but we have the right to internal self-determination, we want to be listened and we demand to be listened”, the MEP underlined.

Tokes mentioned that people in Transylvania have never been consulted about their wishes, about how they want to live.

“We have the right to decide, but they don’t want to listen to us, they ignore us. But autonomy means freedom to decide for the Hungarians in Transylvania, for the Szeklers, and we have the right to decide on our own fate.  In communism they also didn’t ask people what they want, the communist system perpetuates in Romania”, Tokes Laszlo stated.

The PPMT President, Szilagyi Zsolt, stated in his turn that Romania would be more stable, more happy and better for Hungarians and Sezeklers if Bucharest would accept the wish for autonomy as a source of stability, not of danger.

“What we wish in Romania is a normal thing, the autonomy is the solution for us and it’s a normal thing, this is normality. Self-determination is an inalienable right that belongs to the human rights. If the Government from Bucharest doesn’t seriously take into account the Declaration of Alba Iulia of 1918, where is the seriousness? That’s why we demand a firm dialogue of the Government with the Hungarians who are legitimate representatives requesting autonomy, one thing would be the territorial autonomy of the Szekely Land. We need dialogue, the Government is destabilizing the situation by denying the dialogue, the dialogue is the only way”, Szilagyi stated.

At the press conference held one day after the march from Targu-Mures which celebrated the Szekler Liberty Day, have also attended Laszlo Gyorgy, Vice President of the National Szekler Council (CNS), Gunther Dauwen, the Manager of the Free European Alliance, Wouter Patho, the Deputy Manager of the Free European Alliance, who is also a member of the New-Flemish Alliance which leads the Belgian government coalition, as well as Aitor Esteban, the President of the actions of the Basque National Party into the Spanish Parliament.


“Unfortunately, Hungarian parties haven’t reached joint agreement on autonomy”


Euro-parliamentarian Tokes Laszlo has previously declared on Friday, during the manifestations of Szeckler Liberty Day in Targu Mures, which about 2000 people participated in, that the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) betrayed the autonomy cause and that, unfortunately, the Hungarian parties have not yet reached a joint understanding on this goal.

He argued that “UDMR betrayed the autonomy cause” but those present at Targu Mures support this claim that “promise a future for the entire Hungarian community” and that it is the post-communists’ fault for the lack of solidarity in this respect.

At the end of the event from the Monument of the Szeckler Martyrs, about 2,000 demonstrators left in a march towards the Prefect Institution – Mures County to file a petition regarding the autonomy.

During the march through Targu Mures, the demonstrators chanted “Autonomy!”, “Let Trianon perish!”, “We hold on!”, no incidents were reported, and around 19:00 hrs, the protesters retreated.

Among the participants to the events were, Aito Esteban Bravo from the Basque National Party, Wouter Patho, vice-president of the European Free Alliance – EFA and the director of the European Free Alliance, Gunther Dauwen, the leader of PPMT, Szilagyi Zsolt, and others.

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