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April 15, 2021

Over 450,000 pupils expected to participate in national exams simulations

The Ministry of National Education (MEN) will organize, Monday through Friday, at the country’s level, the simulation for the national evaluation for the 8th grade pupils and of the written exams within the framework of the baccalaureate, with over 450,000 pupils expected to participate.

According to a press release of MEN, the simulations’ objectives are to familiarize the pupils with the rigour of the evaluations they will undertake at the end of the school year, to establish the real level of preparation achieved at this stage as well as to improve training in view of obtaining satisfactory results.

The written exam at Romanian language and literature and the E) a) examination – baccalaureate (11th and 12th grade) will take place on Monday (8th grade), and on Tuesday, the Mother tongue literature and language examination (8th grade) and E) b) – baccalaureate (11th and 12th grade) for pupils belonging to national ethnic minorities.

According to the schedule approved by MEN, on Thursday, the mathematics exam (8th grade) and E) c) paper – the compulsory paper of the type of high-school – baccalaureate (11th and 12 th grade) and on Friday, the E) d) examination – the paper at choice of the high-schools’s specialisation and profile (for 12th graders exclusively).

The exams’ topics are elaborated by the National Evaluation and Examination Centre, similar to the examples publishes on http://subiecte.edu.ro and are thus designed so that by solving them, the pupils’ skills in relation to the topics provided for in their exam curriculum and having been studied are exploited.

As regards the baccalaureate written examinations’ simulation, the results in 2016 indicate a success rate (GPA over 6 and grades over 5 for all examinations) of 28.51 pct for the 11th grade, respectively of 38.39 pct for the 12th grade.

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