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September 25, 2020

P.A.V.E.L. Association receives new donation from the charity events organized by the Embassy of Iran

On Tuesday, February 21, the wife of Iran’s Ambassador to Romania, Madam Zahra Moayyer was the host of a ladies gathering at the Residence of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Among the guests there were wives of foreign Ambassadors in Romania, wives of the Embassy’s diplomatic staff and Iranian community representatives, Mrs. Terri Parsons, President of IWA, Mrs. Paula Popoiu, General Manager of “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, Mrs. Iuliana Grumazescu, Director of Communication, “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, Mrs. Olga Cridland, President of PAVEL Association, Mrs. Iuliana Ghidu, Executive Manager, PAVEL Association, and Mrs. Teodora Goloiu, Psychologist, PAVEL Association.

A restless charity fundraiser and supporter of people in need, Mrs. Moayyer took the opportunity to present her activity in Romania and to introduce to the guests one of the causes she has been supporting since her arrival in Bucharest – children with cancer. During a brief but carefully prepared speech, Mrs Moayyer mentioned the activities she had in Romania in the past two and a half years, such as organizing exhibitions for promoting the culture, arts and handicrafts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, organizing charity bazaars, and holding Iranian handicrafts workshops – where the interested ladies can create their own handmade objects inspired by the Iranian traditional art, may it be embroidery on termeh, painting on fabric and canvas, crystal flowers, ribbon embroidery and appliqué, and so on.

Some of the most appreciated and successful events organized by Mrs. Moayyer were the Exhibition at the “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum in February 2017, the Exhibition held in Cluj-Napoca with the support of MEPEI, and the Exhibition organized at the “Dinicu Golescu” Library in Pitesti.

A generous donation (the 3rd one for the same cause) was made towards PAVEL Association, a non-profit association that started its activity in 1996, seeking to improve the lives of children and youngsters with cancer, leukemia and severe anaemia by offering moral, informational, psychological and material support to the sick and their families.

Besides PAVEL Association, the money raised from the charity bazaars, fairs and other events organized by Mrs. Zahra Moayyer went in support of children with Down Syndrome, Afghan refugees, families without a caretaker, orphans and destitute.

Concluding, Mrs. Moayyer stated that she will be sincerely happy to continue her efforts to help children with cancer and those in need, until the end of her mission in Romania.

After these emotionally charged moments, the participating ladies were invited to a tasty traditional Iranian lunch.

P.A.V.E.L. Association (in Romanian, Asociatia P.A.V.E.L., which means Primind Ajutor, Viaţa Este Luminoasă, meaning: Receiving Help, Life Is Bright) is the Romanian association of parents with children suffering of cancer, leukaemia and grave anaemia and it  is a humanitarian, non-governmental and non-politically affiliated organisation,  registered on the 10 May 1996, in Romania.


Children and teens with cancer, leukemia or grave anemia
Families of children with cancer, leukemia or grave anemia
Annually, over 500 unique patients and their families benefit from the services provided freely by P.A.V.E.L., at the Oncologic Institute of Bucharest and Fundeni Clinic Institute, but also sometimes other children from other hospitals are helped.



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