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May 17, 2021

PM Grindeanu to PNL: You deny Romanians’ right to development;it’s unfair to call mayors thieves and criminals

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu accused the Liberals on Monday, in the plenary meeting of the Deputies’ Chamber that they “deny Romanians’ right to development,” adding that it’s unfair for the mayors to be qualified as thieves and criminals.

“In respect to the Government Emergency Ordinance No.9/2017, I don’t know how often do you manage to talk with them, but a thing is for sure: they are fed up with making trail to Bucharest in search of funding for their projects. It’s totally unfair towards these people and towards their efforts to portray them as thieves and criminals who rob the public money. Such thing cannot be accepted, especially when you don’t know what you criticize. I have to tell you that, ever since 2013, the law stipulates the state budget to distinguish budget loans and well as the necessary commitments in order to stagger the money expense on multi-annual projects. That was the moment in which the provisions of the article 4 of the Law No.500/2002 were introduced. […] Mr. Ciolos had, in his turn, two options: either to make that soft to function, or to extend again the terms of those articles coming into force. He did neither, actually he did nothing, after the well-known pattern ‘after me the deluge.’ […] The only decision that we could make to go back to normal was to suspend those articles,” the PM explained.

Subsequently, he added that amendments were adopted to the budget law “in order to not exist all sorts of tendentious interpretations.”

He mentioned that he will respond each time to the Opposition’s requests to come in Parliament,”but for that to happen an honest initiative is needed.”

He brought to mind that the Gov’t increased starting 1 February the minimum salary and the wages increased by 20 percent.

“This same Gov’t managed, in a single month, to reinstate the system of granting subsidies. Currently all farmers have received the money on time and they can use it for the spring campaign, and starting last week the payments for the zootechnical sector have begun. The system of granting subsidies was blocked by the Ciolos governance. If you don’t recall, Mr. Ciolos is the one who appeared on the posters of the PNL’s election campaign across the country and he, at least, supposedly knew. Dear colleagues of the Opposition, through what you claim today, you only deny Romanians’ right to development. We still have regions where poverty, the lack of infrastructure or the main access to education and health care is making a hard living for the people. The Eurostat statistics say that over 60 percent of the rural households don’t have any bathroom or toilet inside the housing, this, under the conditions in which the average is 2.7 percent in Europe. […] It’s clear that Romania needs development,” Sorin Grindeanu pointed out.

The PM responded to the PNL’s accusation regarding the allocation of 30 billion lei commitment loans.

“You asked me how I’ve reached this amount. Deputy Prime Minister Sevil Shhaideh doesn’t have a charmed pen, and this amount is only the result of the project requests coming from the mayors in the past governance, namely of the PNL mayors as well. What should I understand now – that you don’t want to fund those projects started last year? In 2016 over 6,000 requests of funding were lodged, in order to accomplish the investment objectives in all eligible areas, whose necessary was calculated to an overall value of 29.7 billion lei. As a result, this money don’t represent a huge amount or an non-transparent fund allocation, but it’s the sum of the projects lodged by city halls across the country, including the PNL mayors. Moreover, the 30 billion are not cash, but we are talking about commitment loans. […],” the PM mentioned.




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