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November 27, 2021

Apa Nova to become Apa Nova – Bucharest Water Company

Apa Nova Bucharest becomes Apa Nova – Bucharest Water Company in order to convey a message of responsibility to Bucharest people, declared on Tuesday the general manager of Apa Nova Bucharest, Madalin Mihailovici, in a press conference.

“We are not at the end of the road in the transformation process. We came across a difficult moment, which motivated us, we made and are making all the efforts to advance in the new direction and we want to mark these profound changes by a process of renaming the company. This is the reason behind the Bucharest Water Company. It is not a radical change because Apa Nova remains the main identification element of the company. The Bucharest people are used to this name and already associate it with drinkable water supply service, but we want to send the message that we assume, with pluses and minuses, the company’s past. Bucharest Water Company is the expression of the new path and our desire to assume the exact responsibility that we have at the level of Bucharest Municipality,” said Mihailovici.

He also specified that for many consumers, Apa Nova represents just the drinkable water supply service, but that the company also handles the industrial water supply service, the collection of rain water as well as the collection and treatment of used water, all of these services being contained in the “Water Company” syntagma.

“We are glad that the Hotels’ Federation and sports associations have understood the quality of our water, that they promote and consume it. We mustn’t forget that at the beginning of the concession, the water had bacteria, E-coli, it was risky, whereas now we provide water that is neither red, nor yellow and it is not right wing or left wing,” added Mihailovici.

Apa Nova Bucharest, subsidiary of Veolia Water, has been, from November 2000, for a duration of 25 years, the concessionnaire of the water supply and sewerage system public services and its main object of activity is to manage the water resources, their treatment and distribution to consumers, the evacuation of used water and meteoric waters off the territory of Bucharest Municipality.

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