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January 30, 2023

PSD’s Ponta: I am supporting Gov’t, PSD, but not Dragnea; do not understand his still going at me

Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) said on Wednesday that he is supporting the incumbent government and PSD, but he is not endorsing PSD’s national leader Liviu Dragnea, adding that he does not understand why Dragnea is still going at him.

“No, I have not been speaking with him [Liviu Dragnea] and I do not think we will ever do. Mr Dragnea said we will no longer speak to each other, and I do not understand why he keeps going at me, why Mr Dragnea is so mad. We have reached an agreement that I am supporting the Government, I am supporting PSD but I am not supporting Mr Dragnea. That’s life,” Ponta said at Parliament Palace in Bucharest in response to whether or not he spoke to the PSD national leader recently.

He mentioned that he disagrees with certain things done by Dragnea, accusing him of a monarchical ruling style.

“So, I am supporting the Government and, once again, what is happening now used to happen under Ceausescu if you criticised Ceausescu, Romania or the party. I do not agree with certain things done by Mr Dragnea, but I agree with the Government and PSD. I do not regret [Dragnea being the PSD national leader]; it’s just that I disagree with his monarchical style of ruling. That’s all,” said Ponta.

Asked if he resigns from PSD, Ponta said: “I am not going to do more than what I have discussed with Mr Dragnea (…) since I am supporting the Government and PSD why would you want me to leave the party?”

He went on to say that he does not want to be expelled from party. “It was a matter of whether or not he accepts the idea that one in 600,000 party members, apparently there is two of us – can espouse a different opinion,” said Ponta.

He insisted that he did not ask Dragnea for any office.

“Such rumours are not true. Mr Dragnea knows very well that I have not asked him for any position in the party and he has not offered me any. He asked me once something to this end. (…) When you are the big boss of PSD, spreading false rumours among the party grassroots is unbecoming. I believe we both stand to lose, but he stands to lose the most,” said Ponta.

He added that he will hold no executive office in PSD or any other party until a decision is made on his court case file.

“I will not hold any executive office in PSD or any other political party until the court has ruled in my case, and I am sure it will be done fairly, because that is why I left in 2015. You cannot be the party leaders and show up once a month to the Supreme Court,” said Ponta.

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