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May 24, 2022

Victor Ponta about Liviu Dragnea: At the next elections, he’ll ask me to pose for pictures again. He negotiated the cohabitation with Basescu

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta believes he will once more become a person of interest for the Social Democratic Party (PSD) at the next elections, when he will be paraded through the country for photo opportunities.

“I support the Government, the party. The situation has been clarified, we’ve closed the episode. I haven’t talked with Dragnea since I resigned. Maybe at the next elections he’ll ask me to pose for photos again,” Victor Ponta told DCNews.

Victor Ponta also stated he does not regret this episode because in this way he expressed his freedom to state his opinions: “It was an unpleasant but useful episode. Things were unpleasant but necessary in my view, they were clarified for everyone and that’s it, from now on we’re moving on. I’m talking about the fact that Mr Dragnea is leading the party, the Government, the Lower Chamber, and I’m stating my opinions, some positive, others may cause anger, but I’ve won this freedom. Otherwise, if Mr Dragnea was angry with this freedom of mine he would have used my resignation. I’m the only one of the 600,000 [party] members who sometimes levels criticism or has things he disagrees with,” he said.

In what concerns his friendship with Liviu Dragnea, Ponta said things were falsely presented since they are not friends:

“It was an issue falsely presented. We’re not friends, we don’t talk, we don’t advise each other. And that story that Victor can hold any office; I’m not holding any office, I haven’t asked him for any office, he didn’t offer me any office. There’s no need, he takes responsibility for the decisions he takes. Some of them are good,” Victor Ponta added.


“Liviu Dragnea was the one who negotiated the cohabitation pact with Traian Basescu”


Ex-Premier Victor Ponta also revealed some behind-the-scenes information from the time of the Social-Liberal Union. He stated Liviu Dragnea was actually the one who negotiated the famous cohabitation pact with Traian Basescu.

“When you take the decisions yourself, inevitably some of them are good, others are less good, it’s just that you have to take responsibility for them and shouldn’t pin it on others. I had the bad habit of taking responsibility for everything. For instance, the famous pact with Traian Basescu. I took responsibility for it. Liviu Dragnea wrote and negotiated it and he was present with me there,” Victor Ponta revealed for DCNews.

Victor Ponta added that PSD President Liviu Dragnea was always by his side:

“He was always by my side, in all decisions, good and bad… The 2013 appointment of Ms Kovesi – both Liviu and I discussed it, now I’m the one left taking the blame. It wasn’t just me, there were two of us,” Victor Ponta added.


“Romania, between two camps within the EU. We don’t want to join neighbouring countries, we’re mighty proud”


Victor Ponta also told DCNews that the two camps Europe is divided in is the really important problem for Romania, not the scandals and the legal cases the Romanian political class is currently preoccupied with.

“I believe Romania has been left out of all camps in Europe. Things are decided. France, Germany, the Nordic countries will have a group of their own, based on who is in the Euro Area, who is in Schengen Area, who has fiscal-budgetary policies in line with the fiscal pact, who has GDP. We are not part [of it], Mr Iohannis, Mr Grindeanu, Mr Ciolos – who has remembered we are in Europe – say [otherwise] for naught,” the former PSD President stated for DCNews.

He added that Romania aspires to impossible things, claiming that the second league formed by neighbouring countries would receive us in its ranks.

“It’s as if we keep arguing over wanting to be in the Champions League alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid. They don’t accept us, we are not in their league. We’re mighty proud, we don’t want [to be part of] the second league, the regional league – Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, which Bulgaria will also join I believe,” Victor Ponta told DCNews.

Victor Ponta claims Romania is not properly represented in Europe: “A president goes there for naught, because he lacks the institutional instruments,” he emphasised.




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