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November 20, 2019

PM Grindeanu: Information that Ghita was allegedly tracked down in Serbia is false

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Wednesday that information that fugitive criminal Sebastian Ghita (photo) had allegedly been tracked down in Serbia is false, urging the Police to do their job.

He announced having requested information about the case before attending an activity report meeting of the Interior Ministry (MAI).

“Just before joining the meeting I asked the question. It seems that the hot information is not correct. I do not want to go into details, and I am even urging [the Police] to do their job and apprehend not just Ghita but anyone declared a fugitive who has to come to account before court,” said Grindeanu.

He went on to say that the information that Ghita was tracked down in Serbia came from unofficial sources.

“The source for this information is neither the Government, nor the Interior Ministry, the manager of the situation. As far as I understand, the information came from unofficial sources that before the meeting had not been confirmed,” said Grindeanu.

Grindeanu attended in the official opening in Slobozia, south, of a monthly government action called “We grow together,” for planting trees.

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