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January 18, 2022

UDMR has filed a draft law establishing the 15th of March as official holiday of the Hungarian community in Romania

Parliamentarians of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) filed on Wednesday a draft law establishing the 15th of March, The day of Hungarians from Everywhere, as official holiday of the Hungarian community in Romania. Hungarians who wish to participate at the events will have a nonworking day, and the events organized in the localities with Hungarian population will be financed by the local budgets.

“The 15th of March is a symbol of the community’s rights and freedoms for Hungarians in Romania. That’s exactly the reason for which we wish the Romanian state to recognize by law this day as official holiday of the Hungarian community in Romania” stated the UDMR President Kelemen Hunor, after the representatives of the Alliance filed on Wednesday the draft law by which they request 15th of March to be established as a holiday of the Hungarian community in Romania, being quoted in a press release issued by UDMR.

According to the draft law, which is signed by the UDMR deputies and senators, the employers will grant a day off on March 15, on demand, to those who belong to the Hungarian community, for attending the events celebrating the 15th of March. The representatives of the Alliance also request that local and county public authorities, and public institutions from the localities where people belonging to the Hungarian community, will be able to organize artistic and cultural events dedicated to the 15th of March, and the needed funds for organizing the events will be provided by the local budgets of the local and county public authorities and institutions. Another provision included in the draft law stipulates that public radio and TV channels will broadcast the commemorative events in special shows, in this day.

According to the quoted source, UDMR President has underlined that in 2017, celebrating the forty-eighters revolution is, for Hungarians in Romania, an important moment in the fight for the community’s rights and freedoms.

“Where there is no rule of law, there’s no freedom either. The community whose leaders are removed, whose schools are subject of denigration campaigns, cannot say it’s a free community. The community which is deprived of its rights, sooner or later will reach the tether and will fight. We must do the same. If we let ourselves to be discouraged, they will destroy us. We must fight for our goals, we must mutually support each other, defend our rights and freedoms” Kelement Hunor pointed out.

The UDMR President expressed his belief that the goals of the Hungarian community are the same today, in 2017, but the circumstances and the nature of the obstacles has changed, and UDMR must permanently adapt its instruments and aspirations to the new circumstances.

The draft law has been filed to the Senate, as the first notified Chamber.

The Day of Hungarians from Everywhere is celebrated each year, on the 15th of March, in localities from Transylvania, and on this occasion the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution since 1848-1849 are commemorated. This year, events will be organized in the counties of Arad, Bihor, Covasna, Cluj, Harghita and Mures.



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