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October 8, 2022

Cristian Busoi: If re-elected PNL Bucharest President and if there’s openness, I could run for PNL President

The National Liberal Party (PNL) Interim Secretary and MEP Cristian Busoi stated on Thursday that if he is re-elected president of the PNL Bucharest branch at the April 8th conference and if other PNL members from around the country back him, he could run for the office of PNL President.

“No, for the time being the only decision I took is to win back or win support at the party conference of Bucharest branches, because we have an event on April 8th. There will be more than 1,000 delegates at the conference of Bucharest branches and regardless of my intention for the future, I believe it should start with me being validated by those colleagues I coordinated during this brief period. If this happens and if other colleagues from around the country show openness, I could also consider a possible candidacy [for PNL President],” PNL Interim Secretary and MEP Cristian Busoi said.

The party’s national conference, which will elect the party’s new leadership, will take place on June 17, while party branch elections should be completed by May 2.

Cristian Busoi became president of the PNL Bucharest branch in 2015. He refused to resign following the electoral failure registered in the parliamentary elections, when PNL won around 11 percent of the votes in Bucharest, even though PNL President Alina Gorghiu resigned and asked the presidents of party branches that registered poor results to follow her example.


“PNL’s doors can be opened any time for a man of Ciolos’s value; him joining the party is highly unlikely”


PNL Interim Secretary General Cristian Busoi stated at a press conference on Wednesday that in his opinion PNL’s doors can be opened at any time for “a man of Dacian Ciolos’s value,” but the ex-Premier is unlikely to join the PNL in the following period, considering he has registered his NGO.

“I stay in touch with Dacian Ciolos, we maintained this relationship of communication after he was no longer Prime Minister too. I’ve seen in the press he wants to start a platform in the spirit of the ideas he expressed while he was Prime Minister, and we exchanged some messages. I understand there’s already a non-governmental organisation registered in court. I believe in the following period they will better define the goals and the line of action of this platform which has taken the form of a non-governmental organisation,” the PNL Bucharest President said.

Busoi claimed that, in his opinion, PNL’s doors can be opened at any time “for a man of Dacian Ciolos’s value.”

“I believe PNL’s doors can be opened at any time for a man of Dacian Ciolos’s value, it is up to him to decide what path he will take in the future. For the time being, my assessment is that it’s highly unlikely for Mr Ciolos to join PNL in the following months or even the following year. So, whatever calculations and projections are being made for the June 17 party conference, I believe these calculations and projections cannot include Mr Ciolos because he has stated he doesn’t want to join a political project at this moment,” Cristian Busoi added.


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