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December 2, 2021

Police union still dissatisfied with uniform pay draft law

The police officers’ protest in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior and Labour Ministry has ended after more than six hours, and they are still dissatisfied with the uniform pay draft law, as they consider it is not fair for all employees.

“Unfortunately, Mrs. Minister told us that there is no money, because when they conceived this Government decision, they have done simulations, have made calculations and financial simulations just for doctors and teachers, but they forgot to do calculations for policemen and the Ministry of Interior employees. So that you realize what country we live in! They only thought of teachers and doctors, as for police officers, because for 8 years nobody has thought about their fate, they continue in the same trend,” declared the president of Mihai Viteazul Trade Union Federation, Marius Barbulescu for Agerpres.

There were misunderstandings amongst trade unions representatives during the discussions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs as one of the leaders accepted the minister’s offer, and in this context the others shouted against him, considering him a “traitor”.

“We brought arguments, we had a well argued point of view and my colleagues and I, except for the representative of ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ Trade Union Federation, who simply turned into the Minister’s slave. So, this individual simply has showed his subservience towards the employer (…) and the fact that we have taken the street, and we are protesting is a proof that we are not represented by these people,” Barbulescu claims.

Police trade union stated that they came to talk to Minister Carmen Dan on the uniform wage draft Law, which should be adopted in June-July and would enter into force the next year, because they think the law is not fair towards all the categories of employees.

The police officers also demanded the extra payment at the level of the minimum wage of 1,450 lei, and not at the 2009 level which was 600 lei.

“The idea is that, seeing that we are holding strongly, they wanted to quibble in the sense that ‘We understand your anger, I really want to help you, but I solemnly promise that you’ll have a fair uniform wage law, you will have significant wage increases ‘…’ We came to discuss the uniform wage law that you want to pass in June-July and take effect next year, so what you are suggesting is for us to stay put for a year. We are telling you that we are starving, we are the last people, we have simply become beggars in this country (…)”, Marius Barbulescu further said.

The Internal Affairs Minister Dan declared on Thursday at the Government’s headquarters that after discussions with the MAI employees’ unions, she has submitted a series of amendments to resolve salary iniquities which entail a fiscal effort of about 13 million lei per month.

“We’re talking about some iniquities in terms of salary which have been lagging since 2010 and it’s very hard to fix them overnight,” said Carmen Dan.

She said she would like “to be no discrimination between categories of MAI staff.”

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