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January 16, 2021

President Iohannis decorates Honorary Chairman of PNL on his 100th birthday: Quintus is embodiment of century of history and eight decades of identifying with values of liberalism, democracy

President Klaus Iohannis decorated on Friday Honorary Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Mircea Ionescu-Quintus with the National Order of “the Star of Romania,” context in which stated that the Liberal senior represents “the embodiment of a century of history and eight decades of identifying the values of liberalism and democracy.”

“I am glad Mr Quintus for I am next to someone that represents the embodiment of a century of history and eight decades of identifying the values of liberalism and democracy. I wish you ‘Happy birthday!’ and I hope you will continue to inspire the generations of today, through the power of example,” the head of state said at the decoration ceremony of the Liberal senior that was held at the Cotroceni Palace.

The head of state confessed that he always admired the serenity of Mircea Ionescu-Quintus, “despite the fact that he had some tough years in life, about which the young politicians don’t even imagine it can exist.”

“You fought on the battlefront and you faced the abuses of a totalitarian regime, but you have lived the clash of communism and Romania’s integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures. This is why probably the political feuds of today, when some of them are talking about dictatorship in full democracy, often make you smile,” Iohannis said.

He claimed that the steadiness of the Liberal senior is owed to the moderated spirit and to the dedication to promoting democracy’s values.

Many were those who, after 1990, acceded to different political doctrines, but a few were those who remained consistent in their believes. For the ones who claimed and are still claiming that you can make politics from many parties in different periods of the career, you stubbornly responded through the force of personal example. Educated in the interwar school and into a family with old liberal traditions, you steadiness is owed, before all, to the moderate spirit that portraits you, but also to the fact that you permanently dedicated to promoting democracy’s values,” Iohannis said, quoting a letter signed by Mircea Ionescu-Quintus according to which ‘For the one who works good, Time passes, time comes; For the one who only parties, Time comes, time passes’.”

President Iohannis mentioned that this quatrain “cannot betray the straightforwardness and constant involvement in promoting the good practices in the act of governing,” of Mircea Ionescu-Quintus.

The head of state reveled that the Liberal senior continues to be a source of inspiration.

“You are one of those to whom we owe the revival of a democratic doctrine in the ’90s. Moreover, you have contributed to the development of a culture of dialogue in a period when the civil society barely started to timidly pulse. But above all, you inspired and continue to do so through the vigor you proved throughout your career. Your entire life has been identified with the liberalism and I believe that we can all agree that, in most part, the liberalism after 1990 is identified with you. But, moreover, you are a milestone by involving in reviving a culture of democracy, citizenship and integrity of the the act of politics. These elements are, in fact, the ideological fundament which the modern Romania was built on and should represent for all the political actors a vector in the decision-making act,” Iohannis concluded.

President Klaus Iohannis bestowed Mircea Ionescu-Quintus the distinction on the occasion of celebrating a century of life, as a sign of “high appreciation for the remarkable contribution to the consolidation of a democratic political life in Romania and for the commitment he proved throughout his entire political career, as well as for the example of civic conduct.”


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