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October 23, 2021

Turkish Ambassador Ertas : Terrorism, one of the greatest threats to humanity

Terrorism is one of the greatest threats to humanity, but the Turkish nation will emerge victorious over the groups that attack the unity, progress and modern values of this country, Turkish Ambassador in Bucharest Osman Koray Ertas said on Saturday, as he delivered a speech on the double occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli and of the Martyrs Remembrance Day marked at the Turkish Heroes Cemetery in Bucharest.

The Ambassador evoked the historical significance of the day, referring also to the challenges of the present.

The victory at Gallipoli changed the course of history not just for Turkey, but also for the entire Europe. While we commemorate this victory won during WW I, we must always remember that war means tragedy for us all, said the Turkish diplomat.

Osman Koray Ertas also spoke about the situation at the end of the First World War.

Although there have been times when we fought against each other, as we emerged from war we created a formidable friendship, thanks to the visionary leaders of that time, among whom Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stood out, he added.

Turkey’s Ambassador in Bucharest also remarked the good relationship between Turkey and Romania, stating that history, just like the life of any of us, cannot be a story of never ending success or lack of success. It is marked by various shades. The long history of bilateral relations with Romania did not turn us into enemies, but friends, allies and strategic partners, he pointed out.

Ambassador Ertas went on to say that the Bucharest cemetery where the military ceremony was held is the resting place for 935 souls of different ethnicities and religions, who all fell victims to WW I.

We are grateful to our Romanian friends who host our forefathers, laid here to eternal rest, said the diplomat.

At the same time, Osman Koray Ertas spoke about the challenges of the present. In Turkey, on March 18 we commemorate all our martyrs who died in the line of duty. It’s an unfortunate situation that the number of terrorist attacks against our nation is on the rise. Beyond its origins and manifestations, terrorism is one of the greatest threats to humanity, he detailed.

The diplomat also referred to the attempted coup of July 2016.

Last year we witnessed a bloody coup attempt in Turkey, which claimed the lives of innocent civilians. I honor with respect our martyrs who lost their lives defending democracy during this atrocious attack. Our nation will emerge victorious over the groups that attack our unity, progress and our modern values. I thank our Romanian friends who have shown solidarity with the Turkish people in this difficult period, he said.

The ceremony included wreath-laying, silence-observing and prayer moments. Prince Radu, members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Bucharest, Russian Ambassador Valery Kuzmin included, religious leaders and members of the Turkish community attended the event.

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