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March 23, 2023

Bolojan: I don’t intend right now to run for the PNL President; it’s difficult to lead the party from Oradea

Oradea Mayor Ilie Bolojan confirmed on Sunday, for Digi24, that there were discussions on his candidacy to the PNL presidency, but he doesn’t intend right now to run, because it’s difficult for anyone to lead the party from outside Bucharest, and the organizations that had good results in the elections haven’t decided yet who the candidate they will support is.

Being asked if his candidacy for the Liberal leadership was subject to discussions inside the party, Ilie Bolojan answered: “It’s true that we had such discussions, but today I don’t have this intention, because it’s difficult to lead a party from Oradea, form Cluj or from anywhere else, because the President must permanently be at the headquarter of the party – especially in the situation in which PNL is today”.

Bolojan said that as long as the county organizations with significant results in the parliamentary elections didn’t decide on this matter, a candidacy would be an adventure.

“When you think at such a position, if you don’t want your candidacy to be just an adventure, you have to benefit from the support of the organizations who have people with good results, on which you can make a structure to recover the party. As long as these organizations haven’t decided yet, any kind of candidacy is just an announcement” Bolojan stated, giving the examples of the organizations from Botosani, Suceava, Neamt, Prahova, Brasov, Alba, Cluj, Bihor, Arad and Timis.

“PNL needs a team, not necessarily a President”, Bolojan added.


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