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December 7, 2021

Constantin: I discussed with PM; assured him all ALDE colleagues will support Grindeanu Gov’t

Deputy PM and Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) co-chair Daniel Constantin said he discussed with Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Sunday and assured the latter that, regardless of how things evolve inside ALDE, “all” his party colleagues will further support the government he is heading.

“I wanted to show you and I have talked about one thing today in the meeting [of ALDE’s standing delegation]. (…) my position in the government is not more important than the principles I have promoted so far in politics and the people I cared about in politics. (…) This isn’t a tragedy for me, I have been in these positions, I will probably get the chance again in the future, I am not holding onto all these aspects right now. (..) Tonight, I have also talked to Mr Grindeanu, I informed him on today’s meeting [inside ALDE] and I assured him that regardless of what happens in ALDE, everyone, but absolutely everyone, both those supporting Mr Tariceanu and those supporting me, we’ll be supporting the Grindeanu Government,” Daniel Constantin told Realitatea TV private television broadcaster on Sunday evening.

Referring to the situation inside ALDE, he added that the position he had in the standing delegation meeting is related to “principles” and that on Monday, some of the colleagues with whom he walked out the ALDE convention will challenge in court the convention of the meeting, which he called a “travesty meeting,” as well as the decision made there on convening the congress of the party.

“The things for which today I had this attitude are not related to positions, or party positions, they are related to certain principles. It is rather difficult, I know, to talk about certain principles in politics, but I really care about them. And I also care about something else, about the people who stood by me in this period. (…) I took over the Conservative Party in February 2010, there are over 7 years during which we have very many people whom I will not accept us leaving aside only because Mr Tariceanu or anyone else in the party doesn’t like them. For this reason, the standing delegation today was challenged. We couldn’t participate with the colleagues in a formula that breaches the party’s statutes, we agreed to convene the standing delegation, but in accordance with the statutes, other people not part of the standing delegation were called and not all those who should have been part of the standing delegation convention were called, for which reason tomorrow [on Monday] some of my colleagues will challenge in court today’s travesty of a meeting and the congress convention which they set. (…) Tomorrow, my colleagues are already busy preparing it. We are challenging a decision, we are not attacking Mr Tariceanu,” Constantin said.

He maintained that “the decision made in ALDE, especially after joining in a coalition at rule, is no longer transparent.” “It is not admissible for the decisions to be only made in a restricted circle, let alone by a single person, with all of us suffering possible consequences or benefits. It is not all right,” Constantin said.

He pointed out that before the ALDE standing delegation meeting he had a talk with Calin Popescu Tariceanu, with the participation of Daniel Chitoiu, about a transparent decision-making mechanism, however without reaching any conclusion.

The ALDE co-chair also said that he will remain in the party and that, together with his other colleagues, will fight for “the observance of democratic rules.”

Daniel Constantin on Sunday left the works of the ALDE standing delegation, accompanied by a group of party members, and denounced the meeting as non-statutory. Most of those siding with Constantin are former members of the Conservative Party, four of them currently holding senior positions in the government.

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