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December 9, 2022

Groupama announced a net profit of RON 30 million for 2016

Groupama Asigurari, part of the French group with more than 100 years of experience – Groupama, a mutualist group with 13 million clients and 32,600 employees in 11 countries, announced in a press conference the results of the year 2016. At the group level, Groupama has closed the precedent financial year with a net profit of EUR 322 million, while in Romania the company has recorded an IFRS profit of RON 29.9 million, 30% higher than the one achieved in 2015. It is the third year ended by the company with profit in our country.

Groupama Asigurari_CEO Francois Coste_20 martie 2017“<Preferred and profitable>  were the strategic objectives on which we conducted our business in the last 4 years, and the results confirm again that we are going in the right direction. We have a powerful brand, solid values – solidarity, proximity, responsibility and performance – an involved team and a development strategy that works and which we will continue. In 2017, we will take advantage if the current commercial dynamics to strength the position among the market leaders, continuing to stand by our clients, ensuring the continuity of their personal and professional plans, when unforeseen events occur” stated Francois Coste, CEO at Groupama Asigurari.

“We have 1.1 million customers who are individuals and 67,000 companies. We continue to receive encouraging feedback from our clients. According to a survey conducted by IRSOP in September, 2016, the customer satisfaction is high, it has reached 92% and the net rate of Groupama Asigurari recommendation made by the customers has reached 66% in 2016, compared to 55% in 2015. We continue to be among the leaders of the insurers having the fewest customer complaints submitted to the ASF. The commitment of the Groupama employees has also increased, we have 92% satisfied employees” added Francois Coste at the press conference.

The company has reported incomes from gross subscribed premiums of RON 932.3 million for 2016, 15.8% higher than in 2015; the main business line is given by the CASCO insurances, with subscribed premiums of RON 357.7 million, 6.3% higher, according to Calin Matei, Deputy General Manager of Groupama Asigurari.

The segment of the Property insurances, including Agro, has increased by 1.5% last year, reaching a premium volume of RON 193.7 million; Groupama is on the 1st place on the housing insurance market. The category of other general insurances, which includes liability insurance, travel insurance abroad and CMR, has recorded a positive evolution of 4.5%, reaching a threshold of premiums of RON 44.2 million. The RCA insurances have recorded an important growth, by 62.2% for a premium volume of RON 282.2 million, health and accident insurances increased by 52.3% at RON 23 million, while life insurances decreased last year by 32%, at RON 31.4 million, but they will continue to be a priority for the company, which wishes to resume growth in this segment in 2017.

According to Calin Matei, the average insurance premium in the RCA segment has increased by 18% in 2016, compared to 2015, losses being estimated for certain segments, while there will be a balance at the level of the entire RCA portfolio.

“All these figures, as well as the indicators on the customer satisfaction, wouldn’t have been possible without Groupama Asigurari_Dir Gen Adj Calin Matei_20 martie 2017managing to implement several strategic projects in 2016. I would like to refer only to a few of them: in December, we have launched the agricultural insurance for all the climatic risks, an innovation for the Romanian market, which we have created together with our clients. Home insurance with connected objects is another innovation in the Romanian market, made in partnership with Orange. It is a step and an investment into the future. Another very important project in 2016 is what we call The Project No.1 by which we aim to introduce a culture of the continuous improvement, to be able to make every day better things than yesterday, and thus to continue getting our clients’ and partners’ preference, and not at last our employees’ preference. We are the COSR official insurer, we have renewed the partnership with COSR for the period 2016-2018 and we continued to insure athletes, in order to let them have the only concern of making performance. The last project I would like to mention, but not the least, is a social campaign made by the Groupama employees under the aegis of Groupama. The project called <Provide Joy for Christmas> is a project by which we have been “Santa Claus” for 235 children from a school in Vaslui County”, stated Calin Matei at the press conference.

The efforts made by Groupama Asigurari will focus in 2017 to strengthening the position of an insurer with a high level of service quality, at a fair price. Also, the commitment of the collaborators and employees, as well as the evolution of the brand indicators are some of the priorities. These priorities will result in the 10% increase of the gross subscribed premiums in 2017, and in a profit level comparable to the one recorded in 2016, namely RON 30 million.

Photo: Calin Matei, Deputy General Manager, Francois Coste CEO, Georgiana Miron, Marketing and Communication Director

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