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June 24, 2021

National Liberal Party celebrates revered senior member Mircea Ionescu Quintus as he turns 100. President Klaus Iohannis bestows Mircea Ionescu-Quintus the National Order of “the Star of Romania”

The National Liberal Party (PNL) celebrated on Saturday party senior member Mircea Ionescu Quintus on his 100th birthday; the political formation expressed on this occasion its high appreciation for the party’s honorary Chairman, who has been a PNL member for over 80 years, a release informs.

The Liberals state that they are honored to be contemporary with an epitome of steadfastness, morality, integrity and liberalism like Mircea Ionescu Quintus – a touchstone for each and every Liberal and Romanian.

“Mircea Ionescu Quintus has dedicated his life to liberalism, he endured jail time under communism and forced labor at the Canal. Despite the pressures of the communist regime, he never surrendered his attachment to liberal values. Mircea Ionescu Quintus was the leader who greatly contributed to the unification of all liberal factions after 1990. The PNL senior has been and further is a balancing factor in the major moments of the National Liberal Party’s existence. Even today, as he celebrates a centenary of life, Mircea Ionescu Quintus is a guarantor of the National Liberal Party’s unity, stability and future. We wish him good health and may he further be at the side of the party with his wisdom, humor, gentle and visionary spirit,” the release reads.


Ionescu-Quintus to the Liberals: PNL will not die! I will die, you will die, but the country cannot be deprived by the party


Honorary Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Mircea Ionescu-Quintus told on Saturday to the Liberals who celebrated his centenary at the Military Circle that, although the party goes through difficult moments and it “cannot serve the country”, it will not disappear, telling to the PNL members to be aware that Romania cannot be deprived by this party.

“I lived much more difficult moments in the National Liberal Party. What is Tariceanu doing now, Radu Campeanu, whom I honored in the end, also did, strongly harming our party with division (…) I had a lot of moments that were unfavorable to me, but I succeeded, and that’s my pride, and I am not modest not admitting that I succeeded to recover PNL thinking how our great predecessors Bratianu did”, Mircea Ioneascu-Quintus stated.

“This party will not die! I will die, you will die, but Romania cannot be deprived by this party” Quintus exclaimed in the applauses of those who were present at the event.

Mircea Ionescu-Quintus has also sent an exhortation to the Liberals.

“We have to be aware that we must keep the party for the country, not for us (…) Now we’re going through a less convenient period, we cannot serve our country as we should. We have 99 parliamentarians, I don’t know why we cannot reach 100 parliamentarians, similar to my age, and if you, who are parliamentarians, don’t try to do this, I make a public call, but I’m afraid there will be more than one. Our strength are primarily the parliamentarians, and I strongly rely on them and on our many mayors”, stated the Honorary Chairman of the party.

“We know how to overcome this difficult moment, we are sure that together we cannot lose, and this is why I thank to you for this important day in my life, for being together” Mircea Ionescu-Quintus ended his speech.


 Iohannis has decorated Mircea Ionescu-Quintus: Probably today’s political disputes on dictatorship make you smile. Quintus: My life was a novel


Honorary Chairman of the National Liberal Party Mircea Ionescu Quintus was awarded on Friday by President Klaus Iohannis the National Order “Star of Romania” in the rank of Officer on the occasion of his 100th birthday, in sign of “high appreciation for his outstanding contribution to the strengthening of democratic political life in Romania, for the dedication shown throughout his entire political career and for his exemplary civic behavior.”

Klaus Iohannis is the third President who offered a distinction to the revered Liberal senior, after Ion Iliescu and Traian Basescu. The ceremony was also attended by PNL’s Raluca Turcan, Catalin Predoiu, Ludovic Orban, Gheorghe Flutur and Teodor Atanasiu, as well as by several presidential advisers.

When he entered the room, Mircea Ionescu-Quintus was invited to sit on a chair and he excused in front of the press” “I am impressed by so many friends who are present”.

The distinction has been awarded in the applauses of those in the room.

“I am glad Mr Quintus for I am next to someone that represents the embodiment of a century of history and eight decades of identifying the values of liberalism and democracy. I wish you ‘Happy birthday!’ and I hope you will continue to inspire the generations of today, through the power of example,” the head of state said at the decoration ceremony of the Liberal senior that was held at the Cotroceni Palace.

The head of state confessed that he always admired the serenity of Mircea Ionescu-Quintus, “despite the fact that he had some tough years in life, about which the young politicians don’t even imagine it can exist.”

“You fought on the battlefront and you faced the abuses of a totalitarian regime, but you have lived the clash of communism and Romania’s integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures. This is why probably the political feuds of today, when some of them are talking about dictatorship in full democracy, often make you smile,” Iohannis said.

He claimed that the steadiness of the Liberal senior is owed to the moderated spirit and to the dedication to promoting democracy’s values.

Many were those who, after 1990, acceded to different political doctrines, but a few were those who remained consistent in their beliefs. For the ones who claimed and are still claiming that you can make politics from many parties in different periods of the career, you stubbornly responded through the force of personal example. Educated in the interwar school and into a family with old liberal traditions, you steadiness is owed, before all, to the moderate spirit that portraits you, but also to the fact that you permanently dedicated to promoting democracy’s values,” Iohannis said, quoting a letter signed by Mircea Ionescu-Quintus according to which ‘For the one who works good, Time passes, time comes; For the one who only parties, Time comes, time passes’.”

President Iohannis mentioned that this quatrain “cannot betray the straightforwardness and constant involvement in promoting the good practices in the act of governing,” of Mircea Ionescu-Quintus.

The head of state revealed that the Liberal senior continues to be a source of inspiration.

“You are one of those to whom we owe the revival of a democratic doctrine in the ’90s. Moreover, you have contributed to the development of a culture of dialogue in a period when the civil society barely started to timidly pulse. But above all, you inspired and continue to do so through the vigor you proved throughout your career. Your entire life has been identified with the liberalism and I believe that we can all agree that, in most part, the liberalism after 1990 is identified with you. But, moreover, you are a milestone by involving in reviving a culture of democracy, citizenship and integrity of the act of politics. These elements are, in fact, the ideological fundament which the modern Romania was built on and should represent for all the political actors a vector in the decision-making act,” Iohannis concluded.

Mircea Ionescu-Quintus also gave a speech in front of the President, hardly standing up from his chair: “See how heavy those 100 years are? Once I could romp” said the Liberal while smiling.

He said that his life offered to him all the things, good things and bad things, but he concluded that “we live the end of the life with the good things”, also referring to the presidential seat held by Iohannis, whom he praised.

“A literary critic, I believe, was saying that if a novel doesn’t have 700 printed pages is a short story. I want to say to you that my life was a novel, because I lived more than 100 printed pages, each page f 10 days”, Quintus said.

The Liberal remembered some of the moments in his life, such as the adolescence, for instance, during which his father died poor, and said that he managed to do in life, but without making compromises. Quintus gave the example of a story from the early 90s, when he was offered to be solicitor for one million Lei, while he was earning only Lei 10,000 as the Vice President of the Deputies’ Chamber, but he refused.

“During my life, I avoided compromises, things which seemed to me unfair”, he said.

Quintus also said that he fulfilled his duty for the country, as a soldier, on the fronts of all the campaigns to which Romania attended since 1938 until 1945, as well as a lawyer and politician.

“I tried and probably I did something more (…) for my family’s party. (…) My grandfather from Ploiesti was one of the party’s founders, in 1875, if I am not wrong, then my father was a Liberal leader, and then I came. The Ionescu-Quintus family lives with PNL since 100 years. I wish you good health from now on”, he added.


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