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May 20, 2022

PM Grindeanu: Creating a powerful bond between Romanians in country and diaspora – Government’s priority

Prime Minister stated on Monday, at the launching of the camp programme titled “ARC” 2017, that for the Gov’t he leads strengthening the bond between Romanians in the country and the ones in the diaspora represents a priority.

“I thank the two ministers, namely Andreea Pastirnac and Marius Dunca for this excellent invitation. Over 2,000 Romanian ethnics, children, young people, students or professors will be attending the ‘ARC’ programme as of this year and will have the chance to see Romania through the eyes and soul of some great athletes. This year, all these Romanian ethnics will see for the first time Romania, will have a straight contact with our country’s tradition, culture and civilization and will have the opportunity to interact with Romanians,” PM Grindeanu stated at the Victoria Palace, on the occasion of signing the collaboration protocol between the Ministry for Romanians Abroad and the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the launching of the “ARC” camp programme, the 2017 edition.

The Prime Minister conveyed “a special thought” to Romanians belonging to historical communities.

The PM said he was moved and honored by the partnership with the great champions of Romanian sports in the “ARC” project, namely Laura Badea Carlescu, Mihai Covaliu, Anisoara Cusmir, Constantin Dita, Paula Ivan, Eduard Novac, Florin popescu, Valeria Racila Groningen, Gabriela Szabo.

According to the data presented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MTS), the 2017 edition of the “ARC” camp programme addresses to Romanian ethnics, namely pupils, young people, students and professors from the countries around the borders and the Balkans – Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova (including the Transnistria region), Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, but also countries such as Italy, Spain, the UK, Greece and Canada.

The “ARC” 2017 camps will take place in the period June-August, for seven days each, in 11 series, at the Oglinzi (Neamt county) and Sulina (Tulcea county) leisure centers.

The winter edition will take place in the second half of November 2017, the MTS mentioned.


“I want to prove Gov’t’s daily concerns with Romanians abroad, not just for electioneering”


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Monday that he wants to prove that his cabinet cares about the Romanian nationals outside the country on a daily basis, not only when electioneering for their votes.

“There are millions of Romanians working hard in Italy, UK and France. They are honest Romanians who pay their taxes in the countries where they work thus helping the economies of their host countries and, at the same time, contribute significantly to Romania’s development thanks to their billions of euros remitted to their families at home. So there is no reason for us to be meek. On the contrary, we should display a firm attitude when our fellow nationals are humiliated or abused. It is true that many of the Romanian nationals overseas have many times felt that the Romanian State was either listening to them very little or was not helping them at all. I would like for this to change and to prove that the incumbent government cares about the Romanians abroad on a daily basis, not only when electioneering for their votes,” Grindeanu told an event jointly organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry for Romanians Abroad.

Grindeanu went on to say that beyond governmental programme, the Romanians should be united and act in solidarity.

“I have many times heard my fellow nationals say that when they are abroad and notice Romanian being spoken around they prefer keeping silent or speak in hushed tones lest they are recognised as Romanians. Let me assure you that is a wrong attitude and there is no reason for us to be meek of feel ashamed of ourselves,” said Grindeanu.

He also mentioned measures he sees as necessary to help Romanians overseas.

“Repealing consular fees and citizen fees under the law that cancelled 102 rates and taxes has been just the first step. Opening more consular offices where there are sizeable Romanian communities is another solution we are considering in order to facilitate access of Romanian nationals to various services. Yet, what I want the most is for us to succeed implementing measures conducive to economic growth, because then more of the Romanians now living abroad will surely want to come back home ease they will have all the conditions for decent living here alongside friends and family members,” said Grindeanu.

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