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April 13, 2021

Tariceanu on PSD-ALDE potentially losing majority: This risk doesn’t exist

“Constantin is forcing an exclusion from ALDE”* “I’ll no longer make any kind of deal with Daniel Constantin; once was enough, I got burned “


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Co-chair Calin Popescu-Tariceanu considers that Daniel Constantin leaving ALDE would not jeopardise the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition.

“This risk does not exist and I want to emphasise that there are very many PC members who have integrated within ALDE, just as we all did, people with whom I have a very good relationship of collegiality, of respect for them. These are people I backed in holding important offices both at the level of political offices in Parliament and in the Government, and who saw fit to remain part of our joint project. There will probably be a few of them, I don’t know, who are willing to follow Constantin in his endeavour. No assessment (of the number of those willing to follow Daniel Constantin – editor’s note) jeopardises the governmental majority. Don’t worry,” Tariceanu stated on Monday at the Senate.

Asked whether Daniel Constantin still enjoys ALDE’s backing in holding the office of Deputy Premier, Tariceanu said: “The moment he sets in motion actions against the party, such as these actions in court, which would block both the party and the party conference, then of course I will ask myself – and not only myself, I’ll consult our colleagues in the statutory body – if this still makes sense.”

Asked whether Daniel Constantin could potentially join Victor Ponta in a joint project, Tariceanu said he does not know.

“I don’t know. I’m trying to make some logical connections. I found out some time ago that on behalf of the Conservative Party there is within the EP an MEP who is member of the nationalist-extremist group, I don’t know its name. Given that we have a series of EP members who are our members and who are part of the European ALDE group, I was expecting that MEP to rally to our group too. Well, he is in touch with the members of the former PC. I don’t know what he’s doing there. He’s a lone troubadour, he represents them. There are certain links I heard about. I don’t know what his role is, but of course I can logically ask myself what is it with these links, what are their purpose and whether a project is still in the works. These days I’ve seen the idea of a nationalist party being reborn, formed by PRU and I don’t know who else. This parliamentarian will probably play a role too. I don’t know whether Mr Constantin has any intention. I didn’t ask him because it seemed meaningless until now, but from now on I’m starting to wonder,” Tariceanu added.


“I think he’s forcing an exclusion from ALDE”


Calin Popescu-Tariceanu also stated that Daniel Constantin’s political statements “seriously puzzle” him and he believes he is forcing his exclusion from ALDE.

Asked whether, given his stances, Daniel Constantin risks being excluded from ALDE or whether he is forcing such an exclusion, Tariceanu replied: “My opinion is that, at this moment, I believe this is what he’s trying to do. (…) I believe that, from a statutory standpoint, the Standing Delegation cannot do it (exclude him – editor’s note), but the party conference can. I’m not adamant for us to reach this point, however the political statements he is making are seriously making me ponder, because what I notice is that it’s not solely an issue of vanity.”

Tariceanu pointed out that between ALDE as a Liberal party and Daniel Constantin there is “a major difference in the perception” of the political reality.

“I see we’re having a major difference in the perception of the political reality and of the way in which we, as a Liberal party, are relating to the issues concerning citizens’ rights and liberties and the way state institutions should function, to the rule of law, to the alphabet agencies’ role in a state, to the role of democratic institutions. I believe we have a great difference here. If he wants to position himself as the establishment’s man, then I’m sorry, we’re entering a frontal collision with Liberalism,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated.

He added that the court action through which Daniel Constantin is challenging the validity of last Sunday’s Standing Delegation meeting proves he seeks to block the party’s internal decisions.

“Yesterday’s (Sunday’s – editor’s note) delegation was perfectly valid, just as I pointed out yesterday. We both convened the Standing Delegation, so this is the best proof that the Delegation was valid, since Mr Constantin agreed to its convening too. Moreover, the Standing Delegation was also the one which approved, as a statutory body, the lists nominating our colleagues as members of the Government, so he benefits from the statutory prerogatives conferred by the Standing Delegation for him to be member of Government. How could you challenge it? Can’t you see it’s nonsense?” Tariceanu claimed.


Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Sunday: Constantin blackmailed me in relation to ALDE’s lists in parliamentary elections / Constantin: Tariceanu fought so that persons with legal problems of a criminal nature would be included on party lists


Tariceanu claimed on Sunday, after the party’s Standing Delegation meeting, that ALDE Co-chair Daniel Constantin blackmailed him in relation to the filing of the party lists for the parliamentary elections, this being the first syncope of their relationship.

“I too have had a series of dissatisfactions related to ALDE’s activity – not only recently but for some time now. The relationship that functioned collegially for a good period registered a first syncope the moment there were parliamentary elections and I was simply blackmailed by Mr Daniel Constantin in relation to certain colleagues that were about to run on the parliamentary elections lists; I disagreed not with their candidacies but with their positions [on the lists],” Tariceanu said.

“The discussion was very trenchant and I told him that if I don’t accept then we’d end up in an impasse and we wouldn’t be able to file the lists for the parliamentary elections, so ALDE wouldn’t work. And he told me he has no problem with that. So, since many times someone must concede, I was the one who conceded, but it was a costly concession because I had to sacrifice some of the people who had worked for us to take part in the elections, because, obviously, [otherwise] ALDE wouldn’t have been in Parliament,” Tariceanu added.

He pointed out he cannot accept this manner of “collaboration” and claimed that, lately, there have been “numerous” situations in which Daniel Constantin refused to consent to a series of issues that concerned the party’s proper functioning.

“In such conditions, it was clear we must hold a party conference to give up on this dual leadership formula, for decisions to be taken and, of course, for us to be able to move on. We’re a governing party, I believe the citizens’ expectations are very high and we cannot remain blocked in internal decisions for reasons that after all only concern us. There must be an efficient and democratic decision-making manner, one in which party structures would take part. The party’s decisions cannot be blocked, not even by a [party] president,” Tariceanu added.


Constantin’s reply: Tariceanu fought so persons with legal problems of a criminal nature would be included on party lists


Daniel Constantin pointed out on Sunday, in response to Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s accusations, that it is shameful for him to talk about blackmail, considering that Tariceanu was the one who “fought” so that persons with legal problems of a criminal nature would find their place on ALDE lists.

“It’s shameful for Mr Tariceanu to talk about blackmail while he is the one who fought so that persons with legal problems of a criminal nature would find a spot on the party lists for the parliamentary elections. Unfortunately, Mr Tariceanu placed on ALDE’s and the Government’s table his interests and the interests of a small group of influence,” Constantin pointed out in a press statement remitted to Mediafax on Sunday.

He added that the Standing Delegation meeting was not statutory and its decision to schedule the party conference is “an abusive decision” just like all decisions adopted by it.

“What Mr Tariceanu is claiming about the decision to convene the party conference with 50 percent plus one of the number of county branches is not statutory and will be challenged in court,” Constantin added in the aforementioned press statement.

Following Sunday’s Standing Delegation meeting, Calin Popescu Tariceanu claimed that Daniel Constantin blackmailed him in relation to the filing of ALDE’s lists in the parliamentary elections, this being the first problem in their relationship.

Constantin and the former members of the Conservative Party (PC) walked out of ALDE’s Standing Delegation meeting on Sunday, a meeting which was supposed to set the date of the party conference which will elect the party president, invoking the fact that it was convened in a non-statutory manner.

Constantin and several dozen persons walked out of the Standing Delegation meeting 20 minutes after it started.

Constantin and those who followed suit left the meeting hall of ALDE’s group within the Lower Chamber and gathered in one of the offices, where they gave a brief press statement justifying their gesture.

Meanwhile, ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu continued to chair the Standing Delegation meeting.

In his press statement, Constantin said he cannot take part in a Standing Delegation convened in violation of the party statute and transitory norms.


“I’ll no longer make any kind of deal with Daniel Constantin; once was enough, I got burned “


Calin Popescu Tariceanu also stated on Monday that Daniel Constantin would have preferred a deal on the distribution of leadership positions within the party instead of a party conference, in order to win an advantage he “doesn’t deserve,” but he will no longer make “any kind of deal” with Constantin, considering that he “got burned” once, during the parliamentary elections.

“I didn’t offer him any office because I don’t have any offices on me. This office (executive president – editor’s note), he told me he wants it, it’s a huge difference. And a series of vice president offices for his colleagues. He would have preferred us reaching a deal on the distribution of leadership offices, one in which he would have won an undeserved advantage. What I want is for us not to establish outside the competition what Mr Constantin is and what someone else is, even though he wants this office. I prefer holding a party conference for across-the-board elections. For this reason, he is running away and is trying to postpone the party conference as long as possible, hoping we’d reach a deal,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

The ALDE Co-chair pointed out he will make no kind of deal with Daniel Constantin since he “got burned” once.

“I will no longer make any kind of deal with Mr Constantin because once was enough for me, I got burned, during the parliamentary elections, with the party lists. If he wants to, we’ll hold a party conference, across-the-board elections. Who gets elected, namely who wins sufficient votes to hold an office, good; who doesn’t, sorry but that’s life,” the Senate speker added.






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